Monday, October 5, 2015

Cherokee Freedmen Meeting at Dept. of Interior Mysteriously CANCELLED? Is there NO Depth to Which Corrupt People Will Sink?

From our friend Marilyn Vann's Facebook Page, their trip to DC  was disrupted by a cancellation of a meeting 

Someone mysteriously cancelled the DC Department of Interior meeting for Marilyn Vann and Leetta Osborne-Sampson last week
The appointment (requested by Seminole Nation councilwoman Osborne-Sampson) was difficult to get and was gotten with the help of the Oklahoma delegation.
We arrived early for the meeting but the person who we were to meet with was a no show. Other people began arriving at the room for a different meeting; -our meeting room had been given to another group!

Seeing there was confusion; a lady who had arrived for the other meeting went to get him and when he arrived he said that "Councilwoman Osborne-Sampson had cancelled the meeting"!. The person we were to meet with took us to his office for a very short meeting as he had booked another meeting.

My belief is that person(s) from Oklahoma told the DOI NOT to meet with us and then someone pretended to be her.  After fighting so hard to get a meeting in the first place, why would the meeting just be arbitrarily cancelled right after agreeing to accept the appointment time and date?

Terrible how those who hate the Freedmen boss Federal agencies around !! But we freedmen tribal members will NOT be silent and we will NOT stop fighting for enforcement of our rights!!


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Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to us a couple of years ago when we went to DC. Our meeting with Mike Black mysteriously removed itself from the schedule. Persistence paid off though and we were able to meet with him and his attorneys a d the meeting went very well. Unfortunately corruption must run all the way to the top because nothing never came of it. Sickening how their pockets are so deep