Monday, October 5, 2015

Chukchansi Tribal Elections: Disenfranchisement the ORDER of the DAY.

The Fresno Bee has the story of how some families at Chukchansi were turned away from voting.  So the NEWEST election results, can't be trusted.  This shows that Chukchansi, again cheats it's OWN people.   Who still thinks their casino should re-open? If they will  cheat their own, they will cheat their customers.

The embattled Chukchansi tribe held an election Saturday for a new tribal council, but some families said they were excluded from voting.
Kelly Graef said that she, her son and her daughter were turned away – ballots in hand – when they attempted to vote at polls, which were set up at the Chukchansi Inc. offices at 8080 N. Palm Ave. in northwest Fresno. Her uncle and his two children shared the same fate earlier that morning.
Graef said that Mark Thompson, the election administrator, informed them they had been removed from the latest tribal roster.
Thompson allegedly told her that he had been given a new roster by the tribal administrator for the Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians, and the Graefs were not on it.
“As far as I know, we were on the roster as recently as early last week,” Graef said.
Thompson could not be reached for comment. Officials at the polling place refused to answer questions.
A Chukchansi official said Sunday that Graef was denied by officials overseeing the election because she was disenrolled in 2006 in a situation that did not relate to current issues. A tribal official said Graef was told earlier in the week she could not vote and that the voting papers sent to her were an oversight by the company running the election.
The election had some setbacks. One-fourth of the candidates withdrew their names from the ballot, while other tribal members say they won’t recognize the election, have established their own councils and, in the case of one faction, plan to hold their own election in December.
Many hoped the election of a new council would satisfy the National Indian Gaming Commission, which closed Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino in Coarsegold after a violent altercation between tribal factions forced the evacuation of employees and guests a year ago. The casino and hotel have remained closed since then.

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nickey said...

I am a member. This is the first time I've been allowed to vote in 4 years. We waited for our ballots in the mail. Out of 17 family members only 4 people got there ballots. All my family gave our tribe our updated addresses many months ago and some of my family never even had a change of address. Some ballots went to disenrolled members from 2006. Some members weren't even on the voters list. All 7 Tribal Council members were candidates and yet all had responsibility for handing the most accurate up to date list possible. They failed to do this. I'm not saying it was done in an evil way, but I expect more competence from the people we pay $10,000 a month for. I will be called evil and will be hated by my own people cuz' I feel this way. There was an issue with our election ordinance too. We had a ethics law about close relatives seating together. A parent and child , brother and sister and husband and wife cannot seat. The 7 Tribal Council/candidates chose to remove it from our election ordinance. It may not be part of the new revised ordinance but it is protocol. Thomas Walker and Dora Jones are brother and sister. I have no clue as of now what will be done by Dora and the Indian Dispute ResolutionService about this brother and sister issue. As for Reggie's appeals against the reaffirmed voting. I think it holds no water. But his won't be the only appeal. The fact that the Morris Reid faction was voted in, is a thorn in Reggie's side.

Anonymous said...

The B.I.A. needs to terminate Chukchansi's federal recognition and be done with these "Indians" already. Gee whiz...

nickey said...

Our tribe is being held together by the good hearted people and our prayers. It is we who unite and come to meetings and participate. We all had to swallow the fact that 200 million is not accounted for and the thieves sit in front of us at every meeting claiming to be our great leaders. We all know right from wrong but we looked forward to getting rid of them with this election. Hopefully I do not lose my federal recognition because of a few REALLY BAD apples. But I know I am at risk of losing. I'm a good Chukchansi woman I hope the best for me and my family.

Anonymous said...