Monday, October 19, 2015

Does The BIA have to Support FAKE INDIANS to Maintain Its OWN Credibility? Is Supporting FAKES a Feature of the BIA, or a BUG?

We've posted before about fake Indians, from the famous  Iron Eyes Cody to the recently exposed academic Andrea Smith also a fake.  These masquerades, harm Native people who struggle with their heritage being marginalized.    Fakes get news media attention, that attention promotes fakery and it begets more fakery.    NOW, we have our own federal government, in the form of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, in the position of supporting fakes, and keeping real Natives from their rightful heritage.

Does the fact that the BIA stands by while Native Americans have their citizenship terminated absolve them of their responsibility to natives?  .........  OR is the NEW MOTTO of the BIA:


In the case of the San Pasqual Tribe in San Diego County, a casino tribe, which operates Valley View Casino, it's curious that the BIA is helping the tribal council, most of whom descend from a white man who took over a reservation, keep true blood members OUT of the tribe.

Before you say, hey, the BIA can't get involved, know that the San Pasqual CONSTITUTION, allows them to be involved in membership.  That's why the TRIBE went to the BIA to help them get rid of the ALTO family.  In that case, a FAKE Indian tribal council got rid of another family...because they weren't INDIAN?  Rich isn't it?

And it's NOT like this is an isolated case, but it will be the most egregious.  The BIA, as evidence will show, screwed this tribe up SO badly, they don't thing FIXING the situation is the right thing to do. When is doing the right thing....a wrong thing?  When it interferes with MONEY coming in?

We posted the details in the story:"BIA called out..."  and the supporting letter is incriminating..of the BIA and Regional Director Amy Dutschke.  Please take a look.

Can we expect justice from a group that was suspected of shady dealings with membership, using the BIA as cover?  Read this on the IONE MIWOKS:

Amid the rolling hills of vineyards in what is becoming one of California's fast-growing wine regions, a once-tiny, nearly destitute tribe is pushing hard to build a $100 million casino. It is doing so only because regional Bureau of Indian Affairs officials opened the tribe's membership rolls against the wishes of its traditional leadership, then oversaw an election that swapped the old leadership for a pro-casino group including some BIA officials themselves. One congressman called it an apparent "coup d'etat" that should make other tribes "tremble with fear."
What sets apart the Ione Band of Miwok Indians, however, is the intimate involvement of federal officials charged with overseeing tribal affairs, and what federal and local officials call their stunning conflict of interest. Before the BIA's involvement, about 70 traditional members of the Ione Band of Miwok Indians lived in trailers and manufactured homes on 40 acres near Ione. Now, those BIA officials and their relatives are officially among the tribe's approximately 535 official members. Amy Dutschke, whose family has roots in the Ione area, was the BIA's acting regional director in June 2002 when she authorized the tribe's latest leadership election, BIA and tribal documents show. Dutschke and 68 of her relatives now are on the tribe's official list of registered voters.

Pechanga has a council member, who was adopted into the tribe, along with his entire family, who worked to take over the tribe, and sat in JUDGEMENT of REAL Pechanga people, and got them removed from the tribe.  Russell "Butch Murphy" and his entire family don't have the decency to be ashamed of their actions.

Graton Rancheria's Chairman has been accused, or outed by his own family saying they were not Indian.

Navarro first met Sarris in the late 1980s when he contacted the family saying he was the illegitimate son of Navarro’s cousin. She describes her family’s ancestry as a mix of Filipino, Spanish and French and said that she grew concerned after hearing Sarris’s stories about the family, many of which she says are wrong.

What is boils down to is that for a tribe to receive federal recognition, members must be proven native American. Once a tribe is federally recognized, tribal membership is determined by corrupted tribal officials, who can then use unscrupulous tribal attorneys and politicians to maintain their status.  One to help them terminate opposition, the other to idly watch and provide cover.

There is NO way for a FAKE INDIAN, to feel the loss of heritage, that REAL INDIANS do.


Anonymous said...

I can do it too. Have somebody read it to you since it appears you cannot interpret anything posted here.

whatever got to you anonymous 11:46 must have been some serious truth. I applaud your tactic of denying everyone else continuity. Well done. But you must also be well done. Ready for the burn in hell or a long stay in prison. Can't imagine the words on here that really tore at your ego but they have. Blocking us and denying us the privilege of freedom of expression can't feel near as bad as the guilt you are feeling. At least use your own words or aren't you capable of writing your own sentences or having your own thoughts. Whatever your worry is I am glad that I do not have to deal with your conscious. It must be a terrible place to be. What memories have you created for yourself. How sad. Beyond sad. Truly pitiful.

H. Caufield said...

What's this, Chairman Greg Sarris not of native blood?

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about 210?

Anonymous said...

It seems that the BIA may be hoisted on its own petard soon.

Can the people who have perpetrated these fake Indians be prosecuted? Those in the Riverside BIA office?

Remedy Pontas Quahna Kumeyaay said...
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Remedy Pontas Quahna Kumeyaay said...
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Anonymous said...

I think 2:10 is responding to whoever keeps posting the long comments, copy and paste of a book or something, kind of like a history lesson, but they are taking up the pages. At least that is what it seems to be. It is from one of the comments on the previous post.

Anonymous said...

Pala EC has 17 days.....Fix your mistake, end this now while "you" still have the power too.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Pechanga has Butch Murphy voting out real Pechanga people and keeping REAL Pechanga people OUT of the tribe.

Tosobol's should be in. Garbani's out, Murphy's out.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Ruth Masial She was orphaned and is not an original allottee and cant or wont show her birth certificate. She is jennies and Andrews mother.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Pauline hunter was adopted and so was Margarita Britten and Regilindo Calac but there still indians. So it doesn't matter. Does it?

Anonymous said...

Where are you getting your information from!!???

Pauline Hunter was NOT adopted, we know who her father was AND her mother. No has ever claimed that she was adopted.

Anonymous said...

I heard she was a San Luis Rey indian and the Pechanga band adopted her into the tribe. Is this not true? If not true then why were the Hunter descendants disenrolled? They were disenrolled because Pauline was trying to be Pechanga and she wasnt. It's the same as the Trasks trying to be San Pasqual and they are Mesa Grande. Pauline Hunter got away with it for years, she even received an alottment.

Anonymous said...

San Luis Rey and Pechanga are synonymous. Paulina Hunters parents are the only one associated with Pechanga. Leivas liars arent even Indian. Well except Andy Masiels, who claims A father from Agua Caliente...his own mother was adopted

Anonymous said...

Honor ALL Ancestors and get your facts straight before you broadcast and dishonor elders. Paulina Hunter was recognized and recorded as Pechanga and Luiseno by several elders who were allowed to give depositions during her heirs allotment allocations. Some of the elders only spoke Luiseno and the records are red ribbon certified under Federal recognition. Several clans share the same CDIB as Paulina Hunter descendants San Luis Rey or Luiseno Indians. Paulina Hunter is Pechanga and showed be honored, just like ALL allotted Indians from Pechanga.

Anonymous said...

But she is not honored. You don't get honored just because you were born. It also doesn't matter what kind of Indian she was her descendants are not enrolled, therefore who cares? Is there any recourse or way to be enrolled back into Pechanga? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Exactly the truth, she is not honored and neither are several Ancestors of Pechanga. That is a sad fact, and her decedents where recognized and enrolled just like she was until dishonoring the truth and ALL ancestors became Pechanga way. Because of the lies misinformation broadcast you can live with those choices as the Hunter family is living with them also. Take your choices with you and I hope nothing ever duplicates itself. Pechanga was created for a reason, and the Band as a whole can live with the current flow, and dishonor the truth. Take that story to your ceremony.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Grandfathers purpose is more than we can imagine. Maybe all the natives who sold their souls to their casinos will be damned to hell forever. The way the natives do Casino business is conniving and undermining. Most Native leaders/Dictators believe they are the smartest people ever. They are not. The communities look at them as ignorant people who were fortunate to let the government give them sovereignty. These leaders have given the term "stupid Indian" its validity. Regardless of the Hunters social status they are Gods people. They should be treated as such.....These Casinos will ultimately be the demise of all natives. Money doesn't empower anyone, its distracts from them from our culture and the true Indian way of life.

Anonymous said...

@12:07, Margarita was not adopted, she was one of the Cupeno that was forced to walk form Warners to Pala with one of her daughters and grand-daughters. You must not read any of the information that is posted on here.

Anonymous said...

Paulina Hunter's parents, as proved by the Temecula Band of Luiseno Indians from the Pechanga Reservation are the ONLY ones that mention Pechanga on their birth records. And Hunter's are one of the FEW families that still have their allotment. Yet the tribal council STRIPPED them of their citizenship. Why?

Notice how the name for the place is the TEMECULA RESERVATION? Pechanga is a PLACE.

Indian Allotments Temecula Reservation
Approved by Honorable Secretary Interior on March 29, 1897
Filed June 12, 1897

1 Berdugo, Juan 2 Berdugo, Martino 3 Berdugo, Domingo 4 Joac, Felipe 5 Helm, Adolfo 6 Aguallo, Prudencio 7 Raines, FrankPaul 8 Pa, Matteo 9 Duro, Andreas 10 Chowee, Adolfo 11 Valdez, Sinobia 12 Yuac, Leon 13 Kengish, Lugarda 14 Kengish, Santiago 15 Gaishman, Alejandro 16 Medrano, Alfredo 17 Jacuie, Thomassa 18 Trujuillo, Antonio Maria 19 Kengish, Dolores 20 Macaro, Juan
21 Attache, Bital 22 Kengish, Leona 23 Cosme, Salgado 24 Guavish, Christina 25 Rodriguez, Jose Davie 26 Rodriguez, Benito 27 Rodriguez, Alfredo 28 Jacuie, Alocio 29 Oliveras, Juan Maria 30 Majel, Jose 31 Yuac, Maria 32 Alveras, Antonio 33 Guavish, Michella 34 Ayal, Victoria 35 Casas, Luisa 36 Albanes, Martha 37 Medrano, Griselda 38 Attache, Felipe 39 Attache, Jesus 40 Rodriguez, Incarnaciona
41 Rodriguez, Polocarpio 42 Losobal, Ysidro 43 Garcia, Eduardo 44 Madines, Jose 45 Jacuic, Juan Maria 46 Pajaniun, Benito 47 Trujuillo, Vicente 48 Losobal, Petra 49 Losobal, Gabriel 50 Losobal, Rejugia 51 Valencia, Manuel Dolores 52 Valencia, Maria Jesus 53 Medrano, Maria 54 Valencia, Esther 55 Qulich, Salvador 56 Magee, Frank 57 Tochiga, Andreas 58 Garcia, Luis 59 Serrano, Jose 60 Magee, Custoria Nescat
61 Losobal, Juan 62 Hunter, Paulina 63 Contreras, Juaquin 64 Loatmany, Stefena 65 Contreras, Dolores 66 Contreras, Marcellina 67 Ramirez, Feliciano 68 Sal, Jose Antonio 69 Sal, Virginia 70 Rodriguez, David 71 Albanes, Esperanza 72 Nescat, Appolonia 73 Pajanin, Rafael 74 Pajanin, Ramon 75 Japarrakes ,Martina 76 Munio, Ysabel 77 Garboni, Josefa 78 Guavish, Francisco 79 Moguaguish, Victoria 80 Garcia, Vibrana
81 Castro, Escholastica 82 Pa, Gregoria 83 Kenguish, Feliciana 84 Medacuf, Ysidora 85 Jacuic, Jose Domingo 86 School House 87 Cemetery

The foregoing schedule (4 Sheets) of allotments of lands in severalty made to the Indians residing on the Temecula Reservation in the State of California. Under the Act of Congress approved January 12, 1891 (26 stats. 712) by Special Agent John F. Carrere, under instructions from this office approved by the Department February 5, 1893 is respectfully submitted to the Secretary of the Interior with recommendation that he approve the allotments therein described and cause patents to be issued there for in the names of the allottees as provided in the 5th section of the Act aforesaid.

D. M. Browning Commissioner E.E.W Department of the Interior March 29, 1897

The allotments to the Indians residing on the Temecula Indian Reservation in the State of California as described in the above recommendation of the commissioner of Indian Affairs are herby approved and the commissioner of the General Land Office is directed to issue in forum and of the legal effect prescribed by the 5th Section of the Act of January 12, 1891 (26 Stats. 712). C. N Bliss Secretary

Anonymous said...

Again the reservation would not be there if the Federal Government did not honor the elders and establish who belonged by depositions recorded and archived. Temecula band of Luiseno Indians! Now its crystal clear why Pechanga does not want to recognize Temecula Indians. It's easier to dishonor ALL members and ALL Ancestors and say we are more Indian than them. Who took over the reservation if your not an allotted family?

Anonymous said...

They were stripped of their citizenship because they didn't play politics and they pissed off the wrong people. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

May the Creator find more good than bad in ALL! We are ALL here forever! It's not easy to tolerate unkind acts, it's not easy to give others more than than my ego believes they deserve, but hopefully they enjoy it ALL. I sleep and enjoy life better knowing I honor ALL members forever! I learn daily it's better to give than take, and enjoy the ride!

Anonymous said...

@ 12:07,
Margarita Britten was not adopted by anyone. She was an original CUPA INDIANS from Warner Springs and was forced to walk with one of her Daughters Esperanza, to the now Pala Indian Reservation.
There is so much DOCUMENTED PROOF that this is beyond TRUE, it's overwhelming. And still it's not good enough for the Pala EC members to except the TRUTH so they pull their HITLER SHIT on these Documented Native Americans.

Anonymous said...

I think that very soon the Creator will strike one of them for the wrongs that they did to these Native People. And then he will hit some of the supporters of the evil ones, and then go back to the original evil doers and strike again, until their is peace in the valley once more, and no members will have to say,(excuse me Mr. Chairman, can I take a shit now? please. Excuse me Madam Treasure, can I have at least 3 feet of toilet paper? Yes mam I have the other EC members sighed off here on this note.

Remedy Quanah Pontas Blanco said...

Dutschke and 68 of her relatives now are on the tribe's official list of registered voters. well its time for court AMY...July 2018 your covers will be taken.