Thursday, April 30, 2015

Corrupt Pechanga Tribe, Does The Right Thing For Once. Claims Luiseno Artifacts, versus Usurping Gabrieleno Bones

The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians appears to have won an effort to get thousands of ancient artifacts that were removed from a Luiseño village archeological site in the 1950s returned to ancestral tribes.
A U.S. Department of Interior notice published Tuesday, April 28, said the San Bernardino County Museum has determined that the Pechanga tribe has a valid claim under federal law to the artifacts. Five other tribes with Luiseño lineage also may have claims, the notice states. The museum intends to repatriate the artifacts to one or more of the these tribes.

Even ADOPTED members realize heritage is important.  The Masiels are ADOPTED into the tribe, and are not Pechanga blood.

And some tribes don't care much for their ancestor's artifacts:
At least two other tribes that may be eligible to receive some of the objects say they will not ask Pechanga to send any of the items to their reservations.
“They belong as close as possible to their ancestral home at Temeéku,” said Shasta Gaughen, tribal historic preservation officer for the Pala Band of Luiseno Mission Indians in San Diego County. “We’re confident Pechanga will take proper care of these sacred items.”
The Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians in San Diego County also will defer to Pechanga, said Jim McPherson, manager of the tribe’s culture resources department.

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Anonymous said...

Shasta Gaughen is one of the main reasons of the disenrollments in pala, she lied in her dissertation about having a Birth Certificate for Margarita Brittain that had no father listed on it. There is no Birth Certificate for her, and Robert claimed that since it was in her dissertation and she got her PHD because of it then he can use it as evidence. She never ever approached anyone form the family to learn the truth. Now she has her foot in Pala's tribe big time, probably even enrolled by Robert, who knows what kind of secret relationship they have, and she walks around Pala like she owns it and was born there, all she cares about is money and status.

Anonymous said...

Has the pala EC made any kind of statement about the outcome of that meeting with king? Are they still pondering on it?

Anonymous said...

Re-read her dissertation. She Is Not About Blood Quantum as determining membership, meaning everybody descending should be eligible. Shasta Gaughan is not responsible for disenrollment, she just discusses the "controversey" in her dissertstion. She also changed it and resubmitted after people misunderstood and misread her dissertation. I don't think she should have changed it, all she did was mention the issues of why blood quantum for enrollment is wrong and used the Margarita Britton example as an example of how blood quantum can divide communities.