Friday, April 24, 2015

APARTHEID RULER Mark Macarro, Says POKER belongs to Tribes and Card Clubs. Bad Actor Speaks

Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians Chairman Mark Macarro, who leads an Apartheid reservation and who is well known for harming Native Americans, has come out swinging on Online Gaming.

“The only entities that can play poker in California are Indian tribes and card clubs, period,” Chairman Mark Macarro told attendees of a GiGse 2015 panel Tuesday in San Francisco.

The very same person, that violates tribal law, lied to Congress, covered up corruption and has stolen hundreds of millions of dollars in per capita payments, now finds a law he likes:  

“The future of our people, the future of our tribes, depend on that policy, that law,” Macarro said.

Really, "our people"?  You got rid  of HUNDREDS of OUR PEOPLE, including many, unlike you who still LIVE ON THE PECHANGA reservation.   HAVE YOU NO SHAME, Mr. MACARRO?  Pechanga is a BAD ACTOR and a tribe that SHOULD NOT be considered for online gaming in CALIFORNIA. 

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Anonymous said...

Idiot Mark thinks he is the Godfather and what he says is law. California voters can take gambling away from him anytime they want by a vote. The voters gave him gambling and can just as easily take it away.

Anonymous said...

Unless he changes his actions within and honors ALL band members and descendants he has to live with the outcome. We could ALL loose gaming interest along with recognition.

White Buffalo said...

I do not care about the gamming. I think for myself the fight is for culture, and the right to walk on the land of my ancestors. To not be allowed to participate in the ceremony or to learn the dances is more important than money. I want my descendants to know that I fought for their birthright and cultural identity, and not some silly casino.