Sunday, April 26, 2015

Could DISENROLLMENT Lead to Nooksack Casino Closure? Looks Like Bob Kelly is Incompetent

Found this at our friends the NOOKSACK 306's Facebook Page.  It puts things in perspective how disenrollment has negative effects.... FOR THE TRIBE:

How can anybody be surprised that the Nooksack River Casino will close? Or that our Tribe's government has basically shut down?
Consider those of us 306 who have been fired by Bob Kelly and Katherine Canete without cause during our disenrollment:
Nooksack River Casino General Manager Ronald Miguel
Nooksack River Casino Manager-On-Duty Robert Gladstone
Nooksack River Human Resources Manager Michelle Roberts
Nooksack River Food and Beverage Manager Angel Rabang
Nooksack River Keno Supervisor Bonnie Forbes
Tribal Landscaping Supervisor Rudy St. Germain
Tribal Natural Resources Office Manager Raeanna Rabang
Tribal Water Treatment Specialist Richie Gladstone
Nooksack TANF Manager Roma Oshiro
Nooksack TANF Caseworker Elizabeth Oshiro
Tribal Maintenance Director Roy Nicole
Tribal Landscaping Supervisor James Rabang
Tribal Language Teacher George Adams
Bob Kelly and Katherine Canete have also fired the Tribe's Finance Director, Medical Clinic Director, Assistant Director of Education, Accounting staff, Social Services and Housing caseworkers, a Human Resources representative, a Tribal Council executive assistant, and many other non-306 Tribal members.
Think of the families that have been impacted by these hateful firings. Think of the food that has been taken off of dinner tables. Think of the clothes that have been stripped from children's backs.
This destruction of our Tribe must be stopped--before there is no Nooksack Tribe to speak of. WE ALL BELONG

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Kenneth Hansen said...

Wow! Incompetence hits the nail on the head, but still doesn't adequately describe the abject stupidity of these actions! Self-destructive, indeed...