Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gabrieleno Kizh Fire Off Second Letter to Navy Secretary Over Pechanga's THEFT OF THEIR ANCESTOR'S

Here's a second letter from the Gabrieleno Kizh, this one is from the chairman... YOU can help by sending a copy of this to:   Let's get them to answer..

The Honorable Ray Mabus, Secretary of the Navy
Office of the Navy
1000 Navy Pentagon Room 4D652
Washington, DC  20340

April 1, 2015

Re:  the wrongful removal of Gabrieleno sacred burials and their associated burial objects from our Tribe’s San Nicholas Island

Dear Secretary Mabus,

This letter is in follow up to our previous letter sent March 16, 2016 to you.  My son, as Chairman, had respectfully requested a response with five business days and we have received no correspondence to date.  In our first letter, we stated our outrage that Native human remains found on San Nicholas Island were slated to be given by the Navy to the Luiseno Tribe for reinterment when the Island is historically well documented to be the territory of the Gabrielenos.
We are official requesting
That the previously mentioned Human Remains and burial objects be repatriated to the GabrieleƱo Band Of Mission Indians Kizh( Keech) Nation.

We further Request:

1)      immediately cease the transfer of any human remains, associated grave goods and artifacts
2)      Arrange for consultation pursuant to Section 106 of California State law
3)      Correct the Navy’s incorrect conclusion that the Luiseno are the culturally affiliated tribe for San Nicholas Island
4)      Name the Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians as the correct and legitimate Tribe who’s historical tribal territory includes San Nicholas Island and is thus the correct Tribe to handle the reinterment.
Again, we are requesting a response from you or your representative within five (5) business days of receiving this letter.  As the elected leader of my people, I feel very much responsible for insuring the ethical handling of our ancestor’s remains.  This is why I am now writing to you directly to remedy this situation.

Ernie Salas, Chief and Spiritual Leader
Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians – Kizh Nation

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