Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Saginaw Chippewa Disenrolling to 'balance the budget'. Stripping Citizenship for Dollars, Sound Familiar?

Gloria Narvais is from the Ortiz family group.
She and 166 other Saginaw Chippewa  Tribal members are appealing a judge’s recent opinion that a six-year-old disenrollment case can be re-opened.
There are 233 Tribal members appealing Tribal Chief Judge Patrick Shannon’s March opinion, but only 167 are living.
Mt. Pleasant attorney Paula M. Fisher filed an paperwork March 31 to the Saginaw Chippewa Court of Appeals, arguing that the Tribe is violating the plaintiffs’ due process by revisiting disenrollment issues time after time.
For Narvais, it’s the third time she has had to defend herself against disenrollment, which she said is a way for Tribal Council to balance the budget.
“They aren’t following protocol,” she said. “These are tough economical times for everyone.”
Narvais thinks the Tribe is balancing the budget by decreasing the number of members, thus decreasing the amount of per-cap payments.

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Anonymous said...

What a corrupt tribal council,they dis-enrolled a father over 6 years ago and never dis-enrolled his son and the son only traces thru the father,how corrupt is that B.I.A. does nothing,Dept.of Interior does nothing were do you turn when they have more money than you to fight the case and they know it ,the tribal members could care less,what happened too taking care of one another