Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sen Barbara Boxer Responds To Constituent's Letter on Pechanga's Theft of Water Rights (Attempted)

Submitted for your Amusement:

We have been writing CA Senator Barbara Boxer for help with the attempted theft of Temecula Indian Reservation allottee water rights.  Here the Letter, followed by her thoughtful response on the matter:

Honorable Senator Barbra Boxer

 I’m writing to you because of the Pechanga Water bill S 1219 you wrote. You have taken the stands that disenrollment is not your concern no matter how unjust or illegal it is by civil rights or the tribes own constitution.

But now you attack the disenrolled by taking the one thing the tribe can’t take our allottee status our allotment has been handed down in the family since President McKinley signed the deed. Nowhere is there a provision where allottees have to be tribal members but you are now willing to take what little rights I have left to benefit a corrupt tribal government. Pechanga was based on Temecula Valley Indians that became original allottees for member ship of Pechanga.

 Now your bill states Sec 3 DEFINITIONS (4) ALLOTTEE the term ‘allottee means a member of a federally recognized tribe who holds a beneficial real property interest in an Indian allotment that is (A) Located within the reservation ;and (B) held in trust by the United States. My family meets criteria of A and B except for the tribal membership.

How can you be an original allottee meeting these criteria and not be a tribal member? Now we would be federally recognized tribal members if Pechanga followed their own constitutional criteria for membership but they broke their own tribal constitution and without an appeal process other then back to the same people that disenrolled us is unconstitutional.

When does the senate and congress act on behalf of criminals and thieves? Pechanga has illegally disenrolled true members for the purpose of theft for financial gain. As the author of this bill you have an obligation to see that my rights are not written off for the purpose of benefiting criminals.

Before this bill is passed you should amend it to read that the B.I.A. will investigate the disenrollment’s of allottees by (A) going though all documentation of the disenrollment procedure.

1. The tribe’s documentation.
2. The disenrolled documentation.
(B) Compare the documentation to the tribe’s constitution and bylaws for member ship and or disenrollment.
(C) The B.I.A. will summit their findings to congress and the senate
1. If the disenrollment was done in compliance with the tribe’s constitution and bylaws for disenrollment and the allottees did not meet the criteria for member ship then the disenrollment will stand.
2. If the disenrollment was done illegally and does not follow in compliance with the tribes constitution and bylaws and they meet the tribal member ship criteria then the B.I.A. will put the disenrolled back as full membership with reimbursement of any land and monitory benefits that were taken away while they were disenrolled.

I would like an answer to this and not a statement on how and what you have done and any concerns to please write you like you have done in the past. As a senator attacking my rights on bill S 1219 and an elected official I expect an answer concerning this bill.

Here's her response

 Dear Mr.

Thank you for taking the time to write and share your views with me. Your comments will help me continue to represent you and other Californians to the best of my ability. Be assured that I will keep your views in mind as the Senate considers legislation on this or similar issues. If you would like additional information about my work in the U.S. Senate, I invite you to visit my website, From this site, you can access my statements and press releases about current events and pending legislation, request copies of legislation and government reports, and receive detailed information about the many services that I am privileged to provide for my constituents. You may also wish to visit to track current and past federal legislation. Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. 

I appreciate hearing from you. 

Sincerely, Barbara Boxer 
United States Senator

W. T. F.!?


Anonymous said...

This is a matter of awareness that needs light shined on it. MM says it's OK this disenroll, because the same would happen if it was a corn field instead of a casino. Some how he thinks or shares these thoughts of the corrupt members who forget what it would be like if the actions where reversed and he or his group were the disenrolled. It's not what our ancestors wanted, its what a greedy group wanted, along with water rights. WE ALL SHOULD BE THE SAME!!!!

White Buffalo said...

A staffer wrote this response. She never read the letter. She was just advised. I have received the same message almost word for word from her on several occasions. She has blocked one of my email addresses, she accused me of sending spam. Remember it is all about the money and campaign donations with these boneheads. I wish I had the money and the time to go to Washington and do some lobbying for our cause.

OPechanga said...

Staffer's have control. They chose NOT to pass this on regarding the information on a bill SHE sponsored.

WHITE BUFFALO, ask your family to contribute, schedule meetings, it WORKS.

Anonymous said...

Yes staffers respond to her letters sent in but they follow her agenda on issues and especially bills she writes. Boxers and her office shows that she does not care about peoples rights or injustice's that happen as long as she gets money contributed to her and it does not matter who or what they have done as long as they have money to contribute to her. this show by the bill she wrote it purposely try's to take away rights and property given by the President of the United States.

t'eetilawuncha! said...

I do think your right about keeping the door bell ringing. If we take the time when we can to send letters, emails, phone calls and ask others for support it definitely keeps the happenings posted in the minds of the Bill supporters and writers. If "PAPER GENOCIDE" or "APARTHEID" acts were used against anyone, anywhere, they would get support from within or outside. These acts are causing allot of unnecessary stress because a few thinks it's OK to do it to others.

Anonymous said...

I like that...keep the doorbell ringing..

t'eetilawuncha! said...

What really is funny is some think and say its upsetting that the blogs post the happenings and opinions of the happenings outside. Whats even funnier is the some think its OK to share theirs outside even if its a lie or misconception. Disenrollment, shunning, apartheid, genocide, bullying acts are not what anyone needs to do or accept. Senators and Congress people settled issues with bands for a long time. They also say these acts are not acceptable in other areas of the world. Hello, its happening right here in your homeland. Corrupt lying members forcing these acts thinking it's OK. It wasn't OK when our ancestors went through it, it is not OK to go through it again from within.

Anonymous said...

Airing the dirty laundry of our tribal councils is a must.
The dirty deeds should NOT be kept secret.

Anonymous said...

And now you have senators that are working with these corrupt government's to steal peoples live and rights like Boxer who wants to take water rights away from people that the president of the United States gave to by making them allottees to form the reservation. These corrupt Indian government's illegally disenrolled them now have bought senators like Boxer to take away what is protected under the law for the sol purpose of filling the pockets for them self.

Anonymous said...

It would fix everything if the Corrupt people would take a moment and say to themselves "if me and my family had been dis enrolled like I allowed to happen, how would that affect me and my family?"