Monday, May 19, 2014

Pechanga Chairman's Cousin ISSUES MORON ALERT for Former SF MAYOR WIllie Brown

Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro's cousin Victor Rocha who runs a website Pechanga . Net issues a MORON ALERT for former California Speaker WILLIE BROWN after Brown withdraws support for online gaming:

MORON ALERT:  Former California Lawmaker Flip-Flops On Internet Poker, Joins Adelson's Side TAGS: CaliforniaIndian GamingCalifornia Indian GamingLaw & PoliticsOnline Gaming Online poker players, especially those in California, have a new enemy.

 Willie Brown, the former mayor of San Francisco (1996-2004) and previously a California legislator, said last week that he is joining billionaire Las Vegas casino owner Sheldon Adelson in the latter’s quest to stop online gaming in the United States, the Los Angeles Times reported. Brown’s commitment to the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling is perplexing because of Brown’s previous work to support online poker legalization in the Golden State. Adelson Brown said he is the new national co-chair and California chair of Adelson’s coalition. “There are a multitude of reasons to oppose the expansion of Internet gambling,"

Brown said in an open letter about his flip-flop. “I was once on the wrong side of this issue—speaking for and supporting Internet poker—but I have since learned about some of the tactics used by online gambling companies to lure young people.” There are currently two bills in the California legislature that aim to legalize online poker—and online poker only—within the state’s borders. Both are up for consideration. California lawmakers held a hearing last month on the issue, which featured lots of expert testimony, but no action on either bill was taken. This year is an election year in California, so it’s unlikely either will pass before 2015.


Anonymous said...

If California does legalize online gambling, I hope that the tribes get none of the action. The promises of sharing with other tribes was all bullshit....instead, they reduced the per cap by kicking real members out that weren't part of the in crowd.

Anonymous said...

Moron alert, who the hell do you think you are Victor? F-stick! I think you got dropped on your head when you were young.

Anonymous said...

I guess when you have all that per capita ,you can call people moron's or whatever and treat them like shit.

Anonymous said...

Some ones tring to distance himself from Robert Smith wow something smells rotten

White Buffalo said...

Victor Cockroacha I want to remind you again that just because you have money to buy nice suits and people to write for your website does not make you intelligent and wise. Hard work and fairness will lead your footsteps to wisdom. I feel sorry for you Cockroacha you were mislead and then you let yourself go down the wrong road.