Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rolling Hills Tribal Casino Had $1 MILLION Embezzled by Tribal Members: CASINO CRIMEWATCH

The Nomlaki Indian Tribe, also owners of Rolling Hills Casino, have suspended tribal members under investigation for embezzling more than $1 million.
Chairman Andy Freeman of the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians, owner of Rolling Hills Casino in Corning said the theft and misappropriation of tribal funds were carried out by certain members of the Henthorne/Pata family.
The Henthorne/Pata family was suspended by a quorum of the Tribe’s General Council on April 12.
Chairman Freeman and other administrators met with the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office, Tehama County District Attorney, Corning Police Department and other officials to review the findings.
The suspended members held positions in the Tribe’s government and business operations, which gave them access to tribal accounts.
The investigation is now in the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office’s hands.
“Now that law enforcement is involved,” Freeman said, “we are going to allow the legal process to work while we focus on the health of the Paskenta Bank of Nomlaki Indians and its businesse


Anonymous said...

No money has been embezzled or stolen. Andy Freeman knows his fake ethnic cleansing isn't going to hold up in court so he is trying media tactics to dirty up the Henthorne/Pats name by saying thru stole a million dollars. Does anyone know who Leslie Lohse is? Supposedly she is one of the tribal council leaders that "embezzled" a million dollars!? Her son pitches for the Brewers! Why embezzle a million when your son has more money than he knows what to do with?!

True Paskenta Nomlaki said...

I am a member of Paskenta...and this has been 11+ years coming..this family has been in question since they showed up in 1993!! Anyone who questioned their membership was suspended..anyone who questioned anything they did was suspended!!

Well you know what..Andy Freeman did not do this alone..he had the backing of THE TRUE LINEAL DESCENDANTS of OUR Tribe!!!

Why would Leslie Lohse embezzle from the tribe with her having a pro athlete son?? GREED that's why..always wanting more...otherwise why would they be fighting so hard to remain on a tribe they have ABSOLUTELY NO ancestrial ties to?? Why would her pro athlete son be taking a monthly per cap check he was not entitled to??

This is just the beginning..wait and see!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, wait and see. Shame on Leslie Losche for hugging my family and me, asking how my children were at meetings all the while steeling from all of us! Who does that?

Us real Nomlaki's know the answer to that question. I'm honored to have Andy Freeman as my Tribal leader! He is one of the kindest, honest, genuine and brave men I know.

Anonymous said...

Asking your son, that makes over 30+ million a year, for a million dollars vs stealing a million dollars with the possibility of jail time...your accusations of Leslie Lohse embezzling money (driven by greed???) makes me realize I'm communicating with a moron.

Anonymous said...

Well, anyone who cohorts with Howard "the coward" Dickstein, Robert Smith, CTBA, Doug Elmets, etc. and does their dirty work has no honor. If it walks like a duck, it talks like a duck, then it is a duck.

Nomlaki Native said...

Well then whoever believes they weren't embezzling and continues to support even though the proof is in the paper work. Then yes. You are a moron. Your welcome.

Anonymous said...

Yes i do believe Leslie losh would Embezzle money from the casino u say her son hasoney makes no since he doesn't have to pay for his mother to live and when the casino opened do u think he making that money no he was in high school moron so yes I think just cuz he has money now doesn't mean anything

Nomlaki Native said...

Clearly you don't understand the situation. It's not about her son and his money it's about HER and her other accomplices stealing money a FROM US. And if she was really "for our people" then why wasn't she satisfied with the amount we are ALL given?..hmm. And why add people on our roll who DO NOT belong on there to begin with?

Anonymous said...

The truth is in black and white..they most certainly did embezzle..and the million dollar figure is just a low ball figure at this moment for your info..there is still a lot of investigation to go..and it does not matter who Leslie Lohse's son is..fact is her hands that are dirty!! And it is a bit sad that he most likely personally didn't know what was going on..but now he is being thrown in the pot because of her..these people thought that they would NEVER be caught..all the things and restrictions that they put on the members to protect THEMSELVES...even going as far as suspending the TRUE descendants..were all to hide their dirty work! They thought that they were dealing with a bunch of uneducated Indians...but SURPRISE, SURPRISE, we were not as uneducated and dumb as they thought..all along a lot of members were working together, long hard hours of in depth investigating to get the proof we needed...and out of nowhere WE THE TRUE MEMBERS rose up and used OUR rights and removed tell me when you have a 60-1 vote in favor of removing them, that the members have not spoken...and tell me this..if someone walked into your house and took it over like it was their right to do so..would you sit by and let it happen or would you tell them to get the hell out....well we as TRUE MEMBERS of THE PASKENTA BAND OF NOMLAKI INDIANS have spoken.."GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR TRIBE..HENTHORNE/PATA, LOHSE,AND CROSBY's..BECAUSE WE ARE CLEANING HOUSE AND YOU DON'T BELONG HERE AND ARE NOT WELCOME!!"

Anonymous said...

Plus they have learned the tricks of the trade from Robert Smith and they probably have committed other crimes that they can keep hidden as long as they in power, so they fight as hard as they can to keep the power and they take the money because they can. Good for the people who kept up the fight by investigating, these evil leaders,these evil lawyers,accountants, and public speakers have got to go, they are done abusing our tribes and trying to deplete the true native population through-out Indian Country. They think that the tribal members are too stupid to notice their evil doings as long as they keep giving them a per-capita check, but some of the members are still Native and understand the Indian Way and know that these leaders are ruining their own tribes, their own people, their cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, half brothers, half sisters and so on. Of course these evil leaders are going to try to coverup every corrupt thing they have done, they bribe others to keep the secret or disenroll those who become suspicious. They throw out lie after lie hoping the people will just swallow them up as truth, but that will not work with everyone, eventually the cream rises to the top, And for those who still believe their lies, because they cannot imagine how someone could be that evil and still smile at them and hug them, just remember Nero played the violin as Rome was burning.

Anonymous said...

True native of Pastkenta it won't do any good arguing with these people they didn't have to live with us and the abuse we took from those people.I haven't even seen our reservation yet was only allowed at the Casino wasn't allowed to go on the rest of our land to see what we own,was told what we do say and how to live,or the penalty was your dis enrollment taking you money from you or suspending you for 10 years for asking for re voting. These people are scum they are getting everything that's coming to them. I'm one HAPPY and proud Nomalki Indian Go Andy Go good job,proud of you

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Yes, and now the pattern becomes clear. Howard Dickstein comes into the picture and seeks to corrupt the tribal leaders. He tells them how they can make themselves rich at the tribe's expense.

He shows them how to threaten and remove opposition. He sets up Robert Smith as a model of how much money you can steal, and how to lie, and how to treat tribal members that get out of line.

Then the tribal leaders start to think they are sovereign, that they are entitled to steal money, ruin their tribe, cast aside custom and tradition, and treat the tribe as vehicles for their own desires.

They take out vengeance against those they hate, they humiliate those they envy, they set themselves up as the arbiters of justice.

There is no justice. There is only these poor misguided a**holes thinking that they can take whatever they want and that no one will stop them.

All tribal people should rise up against the leaders that destroy their culture, history, ancestors, heritage, blood, land, rights, benefits, and the belonging to a people.

They are not tribal. They are not even Indian. They are utterly and completely corrupt, despicable to the core, and worthless.

We are the human beings, we are the people. They are the victims of their greed. Rise up and cast them out.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Pala Reservation people take a hard look at what can be done when you band together as a Tribe. Its time for Robert Smith and his supporters to pay for the crimes that they have imposed on the Members of the Pala Tribe.The Paskenta People have paved the way to end corruption on the Reservations.The first step to healing your Tribe in Pala is to stand up to the corrupt leaders and vote them "OUT" now. Do wait any longer. Their finger prints are all over the cookie jar, get them out and have them locked up.

Anonymous said...

Omfg you can't even spell Paskenta or Nomlaki right.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to say to the people defending crosby/lohse/pata. Who honestly believe they did Not steal from us. Shame on you. And I will keep you in my prayers.