Friday, May 23, 2014


PALA WATCH has this urgent message for all Pala People:

Every tribal member, please attend tonight's meeting and let your voice be heard.  There are about 643 Adult Members.  How many live on the reservation?  300?  400?  Everyone that can make the meeting should be there.

If you did not attend the first Emergency Meeting either because notices were torn down or you were afraid to participate now is your chance.

The Executive Committee invested $100 million (thats $100,000,000) to form Pala Interactive, an online poker company without General Council approval.  Is the General Council really ok with this? That's $155K per voting member.

If you're afraid of a casino shut down then you should be worried about the festering sewer pump issue which could cause a casino shut down any day now.

If you're worried about Tribal Sovereignty then you should be worried about the Executive Committee signing away Tribal Sovereignty to build a wake board track only to then terminate the contact thus exposing the tribe to a lawsuit.

What about Pala Raceway?  Can anyone explain that?

These are just a few of the issues facing Pala.  Those that attended last night's meeting and the previous meeting know there is much more.

Some commenters love to say it's about Greed.  It may be about greed but ask yourself whose greed is it about?  The General Council's or the Executive Committee?  How many private jet flights do they need?  How many box seats at sporting stadiums do they need?  Why should the Executive Committee be given stock in an online gaming company which is not even legal in California yet?

Whose greed is it about?

Ask yourself who is the tribe?  The General Council or the Executive Committee?

Some commenters like to say this information and the meetings is somehow threatening the casino.  First off, is it all really only about the casino?  Or is it about the welfare of the tribe?  Second, what is the real threat to the casino?  Executive Committee mismanagement or General Council members asking questions and wanting answers?

Ask questions, ask for information, listen, then make up your own mind.  Please don't be intimidated by the Executive Committee.  Why should the General Council continue to live in fear


Anonymous said...

Did everyone get a letter ? No

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

It is an Emergency meeting. The announcements need to be posted in public places for all to see. There was a letter sent out. I don't know who did and didn't get a letter. Go anyway. Exercise your tribal rights.