Monday, May 5, 2014

Cherokee Freedmen Get Their Day in Court, Treaty Rights Violated By Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee Freedmen, represented by attorney Jon Velie finally got their day in court.  Arguments were heard in the Federal Courthouse, with members of the Freedmen from across the country representing their people.

Velie claimed it was a great day to stand up to racism.  While the Redskins nickname issue get the press, THIS IS RACISM AT ITS WORST.

this case has taken 20 years to get to this point. Let us hope and pray for JUSTICE.

UPDATE:  Cherokee Nation press release

Cherokee Nation Attorney General Todd Hembree issued the following statement regarding oral arguments in the freedmen lawsuit, case 1-13-CV-01313. Attorney General Hembree's statement is as follows: "After 11 long years of litigation, the Cherokee Nation is looking forward to having a judge decide the longstanding issue of what rights, if any, the freedmen descendants are granted under the Treaty of 1866.

The Cherokee Nation believes strongly in treaty rights and believes the correct interpretation of the treaty would allow the Cherokee people to determine who is a Cherokee citizen.

The Cherokee people have been a champion for human rights, having experienced cruelty firsthand during our forced removal from our original homelands in the Southeast along the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma. OP: Uh, yeah you jackhole...dragging your SLAVES WITH YOU...AS Property!!! For the Cherokee people, this issue has never been about race. As a sovereign nation, it's always been about Cherokees determining who our citizens ought to be.


Anonymous said...

At Pechanga "all means all". It's unfortunate that a select few does anything they can to control the lies and misinformation broadcast inside and outside the band to try and justify the corrupt acts generated and performed to control their power, instead of letting the band determine what the picture will be today. At anytime the band could correct the mistake made and allow "all" band members created by our ancestors to live in peace, or continue to let the corrupt actors to push lies and misinformation outside.

Anonymous said...

I think when Macro said "all means all" that he misspoke himself. What he really meant to say is "all means a select few", or "some meant all".

There, have I made myself clear ( by clear I mean hazy or foggy)? And by myself I meant us all, or everyone but me...