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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Now they have called an EMERGENCY MEETING:


Anonymous said...

Howard Maxcy is proving to be a good little puppet for Robert. All of the corruption will be seen, and Howard will be known as one of them, losing any respect that he had from other members. This whole thing is ridiculous, the Robert Smith Kingdom is going to fall, it is time, he sent threats out to people if they went to the General Council Meeting via instagram from his assistant. We have proof over and over of their manipulation of tribal finances, and the total of $1.4 Billion that they have stolen from the tribe. He has the people so scared of him and his cronies, it is sad. They can't even follow their own constitution. The General Council meeting was extremely legal, that is why there was so much involved in calling it, why would we call an emergency meeting if it was not going to do any good? The people of a tribe should not fear their leader and no true leader especially a Native American one should force his people into submission, he should want their respect and admiration, which it is clear that Robert Smith is an evil and corrupt leader.

Anonymous said...

You need to go to the Casino and the Tribes Banks and revoke the signature cards on the bank accounts and put new names on the cards. Whoever controls the checkbook controls the tribe. If the authority to write checks is removed from the Smith and his cronies, he will be unable to pay the Casino’s employees, or remit the employees’ payroll taxes to the IRS and Franchise Tax Board, pay vendors, and make loan paymens. Once you drag the banks in, the lendors will probably step in and appoint a trustee to run the Casino and Tribe until the leadership issues are sorted out.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

This shows how much respect the Pala Executive Committee has for the Pala General Council.

They don't like the suspension order. Waaahhh, cry like a baby and say it is a forgery. We'll call our own meeting and threaten the members until we get a decision we like.

That is responsible government when you are trying to hide the theft of $ 1billion plus dollars.

Anonymous said...

Let me ask you, was there only 70 members at the meeting and does there need to be 273 or whatever ?

Because this would be an invalid meeting?

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Well maybe if the Chairman hadn't told people not to go the meeting there would have been more members present.

The amount there needs to be? Pala Constitution says a quorum is 25 members. Ask the Chairman, Robert Smith, himself. He called a meeting for ratification of the Pala Constitution. The Constitution was ratified 27 in favor, 0 opposed.

Of course it is legal for him to pass major tribal law with a minimum number of votes, but not for the General Council.

And the only reason he even had a vote was to get BIA approval of the Constitution. Most of the time the suspended Pala EC votes among themselves in secret meetings and doesn't even notify the tribe.

That is why we had to hire a private investigator. You probably don't want to hear that. Does the FBI investigation mean anything to you?

Just go through the numbers and see the last time Robert Smith got 273 votes to approve anything. I don't have to tell you never, but then his votes are rigged anyway.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think the BIA should step in and state who the Council is at this point ?

Anonymous said...

maxcy dont know what he is talking about.He is adding things to the consitution.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

The Spokesperson for the Pala Band of Mission Indians, Greg Mojado, has announced the Agenda for the Emergency Meeting. All should attend!

If you felt slighted because you didn't make the May 17th meeting, now you will have a chance to hear the truth.

This is the time for Pala to stand together against the crime and corruption of the suspended EC members. And yes, Howard Maxcy is suspended also. He is still a member though, and has a right to call an emergency meeting.

The Interim Executive Committee will be present to run the meeting. You see, they abide by the laws of the tribe, and want everyone to participate in a legal and fair meeting. See you there!

Anonymous said...

@ R&R, i believe that this is an update/continuation from the 17th meeting, its not a new emergency meeting. Don' want to confuse already confused members.

Anonymous said...

I am a California Supporter* I took this post from UT San Diego website. My prayers are with you Pala.

I'd like to invite all who comment to understand one thing. There are some serious financial allegations against the Chairman Robert Smith of Pala and several compelling pieces of evidence that has been presented to the 70+ Tribal members who voted to oust him and his crooked Executive Committee. Before you post some insensitive callous, inhumane comment, please take time to understand that this is a very, very serious issue to us people. Please understand that the people have not arrived at this point lightly, it was after attempting to work this through peacefully and with good intent. This Executive Committee has engaged in some serious misdeeds and the U.S. Government has not done anything to help due to the sovereignty issue. When Bob Filner was accused of his assaults upon women, the people of San Diego were able to... get the support of the media, the government, there was outrage, people cried out and were heard. When we cry out, we are told, "internal tribal matter", "greed", "money grab" and it seems no one EVER listens. Filner is a pussycat compared to Robert Smith. If there was ever Hell on Earth, then I know that this is it because we have been burned a million times over by these Greedy, Dishonest Tribal Leaders. The Pala people are under the rule of a dictator (Smith) who has entrenched himself in office, he has many powerful friends in San Diego (Bonnie Dumanis), and in Sacramento (the lobbyist organization C.T.B.A.) Smith uses this Elmets character (who is often quoted, but often
puts out incorrect information), who has no knowledge of our inner workings, whose only talent is to LIE, LIE, LIE about everything and anything just to paint the picture of harmony when in actuality, there is not a single good thing about the ousted Chairman Smith. This Elmets character is part of a political machine that includes a very powerful attorney, Howard Dickstein, who has also played a big part in where we are today. It has been rumored that Howard Dickstein, Elmet's partner, collects a big check from the casino each month and this has been done without the knowledge of the Pala people. Howard Dickstein is considered one of the main attorneys who helped establish gaming in California and started working with Pala back in the late 90's when the compact agreements were being made. Briefly, Howard Dickstein has been accused of the same behavior at Rumsey, Auburn, and most likely will be accused at Paskenta and, if we are successful, at Pala. If Robert Smith loses, then these powerful attorneys and their friends lose and it will be huge when the truth is ever reveal about what goes on behind the scenes. What makes it even more difficult for us is that Howard Dickstein has some very serious political allies, such as Jerry Brown, Barack Obama. We are like David fighting Goliath, but not only do we have to fight Goliath, we have to fight all his rich powerful friends who seek to oppress us, because they can't afford to have the truth come out to you. We ask for the support of the people of California, and we know that you will most likely say "no" and laugh us off, when many wrongs are being perpetrated against our good people. We are oppressed and under the rule of a man who has become a Dictator. All I ask is a little consideration and ask you to at least be fair when you comment about something you know little about. If you could see everything that we see, you'd be outrage, just as we are.

Anonymous said...

I really think that the Pala EC has a death wish, or Suicide by Members. Like some criminals that make the cops kill them by acting like they have a weapon, because they don't want to go to jail.

Anonymous said...

It is all because of Robert Smith, Theresa Nieto, Dion Perez and their unruling supporters don't want to lose their gravey train. When it comes to money, Smith, and Nieto act like 2 hungry pitbulls that haven't eaten in a week. They gobble it up without taking a breath.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Yes, you are right. The meeting tonight is to withhold per capita from the members of the Interim Executive Committee for having the courage to stand up to the suspended Pala EC. It is so wrong on so many levels.

The suspended Pala EC thinks evidence is not necessary. They don't have to answer to allegations. They can just take away the per capita and show the rest of the tribe what will happen if anyone calls them on their crimes.

If you are a Pala Member, go to the meeting and vote no on taking away per capita from tribal members. If you don't, then it will be your money they take away next.

Not a greedy Indian? Then go because you want to make the rez a better place to live, and stop the crime and corruption. Restore the power of the General Council and show those guys that the time of easy pickings is over. Pala people are good and want their tribal leaders to work for the tribe instead of using the casino as their own private bank account.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Robert won

Anonymous said...

rigged voting again probably

White Buffalo said...

This will result in appeal to the BIA, and cause more trouble for Smith. A divided government is an actionable cause the BIA can rule on and then intervene.