Saturday, May 24, 2014

Corpulent Robert Smith Holds Onto Power at PALA. Strips Civil Rights from 11 Members

Robert Smith, the porcine chairman of the Pala Band of Luiseno Indians , who was responsible for the extermination of 15% of his tribe, held onto power in a meeting last night.

Word from that Rez is that King Freeman and Willie Pink and the other 9 signatories of the takeover attempt have been stripped of their right to vote and attend meetings.

Additionally, their right to hold office has been revoked.

So in review, you can spend tribal money with impunity, yet when you stand up and ask for an accounting, you will be stripped of your rights?

If the Pala Tribe thinks so LITTLE of their membership, WHAT do you think is going on at their casino?

Pala disenrollments led to hardship


Anonymous said...

The fight is not over, this comes down to what is good for the tribe. The young voters have no clue of what is going on, they believe Robert and Teresa like little puppy dogs because they get a check, and the old are just too scared to fight it. In time the truth will be revealed and they will realize how wrong they were. The FBI is investigating, Robert is making stupid mistakes, lawyers are starting to see his foolish moves and putting distance between themselves and him, and he is taking the tribe down with him. The EPA will be notified of the major sewage problem, the lawsuits against the tribe are piling up, it is only a matter of time. Hopefully the tribe will be able to come back together, but the youth are being brainwashed and it will be a long road to get them to understand, what is wrong in life is wrong and should be defeated, what is right is right and will be rewarded. Robert Smith and Company's actions are wrong, they will be defeated, if not soon then eventually, and their children and grandchildren will suffer for their evil.

Anonymous said...

I was reading all these comments and i am so saddened by the way things turned out there there is no freedom of speech in this reservation.Robert must have a great family line out there.For the people who are investigating out here we need family connects to get this to the FBI.Where are all the family's ancestors story's so we can connect and not only talk as we continue in our investigation for this tribe.

Anonymous said...

I am challenging the FBI,IRS,U.S.Attorney to stepit up and do your fucking job and arrest Smith and Nieto without any futher delay.

Anonymous said...

How many people are willing to put your name on a petition to the FBI,and The U.S.Attorney to arrest the Pala EC for The crimes that have been verified by their investigation, instead of waiting for more evidence, which could take years.

Anonymous said...

How about a petition to recall the Pala chairmen and OUT him for good people. Go by the constitution is the only way now. Then they can't pull chicken shit stuff like they did to the individual's last night. You better pray Robert you recover well Mr Corrupt May The Lord deal with you. Andrew Moro is the biggest back stabber! How can you go against your own family what a big ass fool. Can't wait for Robert to be done with you then you'll be begging your family to help you. Better make sure RS doesn't check your bloodline. FOOL FOOL FOOL

Anonymous said...

Best get all the information PUBLIC... Don't puss out...

Anonymous said...

I strongly believe that Robert Smith was at the Meeting last night.And i am some what sure that thats why so many armed securiy were present in the upstairs area where Robert has his office. The reason that i think this id because the security company that was there would have no athority to do anything to anyone in the meeting. Because the Sheriffs Dept was already there and they, being True Law Enforcement would have been the only ones who could have legally broken up any fighting that may have occured. There is nothing in the Tribes Constitution that would give any private security the power to keep any Tribal Members from doing anything on Tribal land.

Anonymous said...

Well now we know why the meeting went eh way it did. Robert was there hiding upstairs with armed security guards, Theresa Villa and Howard Maxcy purposely miscounted the votes because they are now involved in Pala Interactive, Robert must have included them because he did not want them to give out information about him. We had thought that Theresa was not part of everything, but here is our proof, they did not and were going to make sure they did not loose this one.,

here is the site you can see on page 6 that Howard and Theresa are now involved with Pala Interactive, so they are just as guilty of stealing from the Tribe, so if Robert goes down for this crime, so will they.

Petition Number
Date Filed
Pala Interactive, LLC
Petition Description:
Petition for the Waiver of Qualification Requirements for Mr. Howard Maxcy and Ms. Theresa Villa
Type of Petition:
Other: (see below)
Agency to Grant
Relief Requested by
Division of Gaming Enforcement

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

We have the proof. There is solid evidence of so much crime and corruption that I am heartbroken. My people have been systematically corrupted by an evil leader and his accomplices.

To this date the Pala EC has not offered one shred of evidence that proves they are innocent of the wrongdoing of which they have been accused. Instead they have enticed more people to support them with their bribes, inducements, and special favors.

The Pala EC is a bunch of thieves and liars. Do not accept anything they say without supporting evidence. Do not believe their accusations, threats, or distortions of tribal law. We have first hand evidence. Howard Maxcy misquoted the tribe's constitution and illegally deprived the Interim EC of their guaranteed civil rights.

It is all about the money trail. We know where the money is going. We have proof. They have bribes. Who is going to win out? The good people will win if they stand up to the crooks and put them in their place. That is what the Interim EC was trying to do. Let's all support these good people who were acting on behalf of the tribe in spite of the threat of retribution from Robert Smith and the Pala EC.

If you don't help the Interim EC change things, you will be viewed as one of the Pala EC's puppets.