Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Susan Bradford: Saginaw Chippewa Still Want Their Congressional Investigation

Where’s Our Congressional Investigation, Saginaw Chippewa Indians Ask

Within the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan, a former client of former Republican superlobbyist Jack Abramoff, tribal members are asking why Congress has not acted on their request for an investigation into the fraudulent takeover of their tribe by fictitious Indians from Flint, the birthplace of General Motors, which has extensive reach and financial stake among the tribes.

“The (fictitious Indians) put all their families on the rolls, when, of course, they we illegitimate members to begin with,” tribal sources said. “There are a lot of un-Chippewa people over here, walking in shame. Everyone knows this!!!”

After Chief Dennis Kequom assumed power of the tribe in 2010, he promised tribal members that he would appeal to Congress for an investigation into the usurpation in 1986 when their constitutional was fraudulently revised to shore up power for the illegitimate interlopers, allowing them to control the tribe’s wealth and growing businesses while adding ever new waves of fictitious Indians onto the tribal membership rolls.

According to inside sources, Kequom requested that the tribe’s attorney, Scott Reed, write the letter to Congressman Doc Hastings requesting an investigation. The tribe’s lobbyist, Larry Rosenthal of Ietan Consulting was overheard telling a Tribal Council Member that he would block the investigation. Rosenthal’s mentor, retired Congressman Dale Kildee from Flint, was a key player in the takeover of the tribe and constitutional revision,

“We don’t have sovereignty over here,” inside sources said.  “Larry Rosenthal keeps threatening Tribal Council with that they will destroy our sovereignty if they do the Congressional investigation.”
While Tribal Council Minutes report that the tribe’s duly elected leaders voted for the investigation, Hastings seemingly never responded. Tribal insiders report that Rosenthal succeeded at blocking the investigation by not delivering the letter to Congress. According to the House Ethics Office, if the allegations are true, Rosenthal did not breach formal congressional ethics statutes but may have flown afoul of his contractual and professional obligation to the tribe.

So far Hastings’ office has not commented on whether the Congressman received the letter or not, citing that the matter is under investigation.

Tribal members, who are keen to remove the fictitious Indians and restore legitimacy to their tribe, also took it upon themselves to compile a book of evidence along with a letter requesting a congressional investigation, but have yet to receive a response to their personal efforts.

Among the leaders contacted, they said, were: Hastings; Rep. Nick Rahall; Sen. Byron Dorgan, who has since entered private practice to work in government affairs ; Sen. John Barrasso; Jerry Gridner, the Director of Indian Affairs at the Department of Interior; Sen. Carl Levin; Sen. Debbie Stabenow; and Rep. David Camp.

“David Camp knows everything that took place over here on the Mt. Pleasant, Indian reservation back in the 70′s and early 80′s,” tribal sources said. “David Camp, Carl Levin, Don Albosta, Bill Schuttee, Don Riegle all from Michigan, knew what the Tribal Council was up to. They also knew that Tribal Council was counterfeit and illegitimate and crooked. These congressmen too were soooooo crooked they could not see straight.  (Tribal attorneys) Thomas Wilson and Karl Funke, were quite crooked too…     The Congressmen should help us out, they made this mess.


Anonymous said...

So if a tribe wants to waive its tribal sovereignty for an investigation congress will do nothing. If congress is asked to look in to illegal disenrollment and nonmembers and or nonnative’s taken over gaming tribes then they say oh sorry sovereignty.

Anonymous said...

To "inside sources" , give it up, your elected council has. No one takes you or your nutty "investigative reporter" serious anyway. Just a crucial fact you seem to keep over looking.

Anonymous said...

Indian Sovereignty is big fat joke with Congress.
They pretend to believe it exist any ways!
Congress giveth & taketh or they take it or leave it!! Your Great White fathers!!!

Why do non-Indian think they are real Indians, when most everyone else thinks how stupid for them to think that way?...These people are either black/white, Mexican/white, a majority Mexican/black, Iranian/Mexican, Asian/white, Asian/black - mix that up, what does it reveal - mixed up wannabes. Hybrid hyennas, Entiedes!!!
These people do not even know what the hack they are.
What about that Iranian Mexican woman on the Mt Pleasant, Michigan Isabella Indian reservation, she rides around in that in gashog Hummer, she looks awlfully homely in it and quite funny in it?!? Now, what about the that counterfeit woman whom sit on council believing she is a Native American - when her black/German white skin & blood, dictates the homely mess Congress made out of that homely one.
Congress really made a homely mess out of that homely mix. Udderly ridiculous!!!

One can see that she still scans this blog. She's knows that the real Native Indians Americans, complain about these mixed up hyennas and how they are made, then throwing in mixed & unmatched to our tribes.
Shet this woman of German & black descent was borned over in her homeland country of Germany.
Want to look at this homely Frankenstein woman a mixed-up animal from Germany, type in her name. She changed it because a twelve year old boy/man married it. Her name is Chamaine (charmainge benz) Shawana, married a twelve yr. old Canadian boy/man. The only boy/man that would married that ole thing with geetie coon hair all over herself geetish, smellin body la pu!!! This is what their great white fathers made & created.

You have butt to look at in the mirror.

You don't see the true beauty of an true Indian with no mixture whatsoever. We are a proud people, not frauded !

Besides a couple inquired were made outside of council, Congress is questioning what was done back in the day. At least some of them are, even now, at this day & age.
It is just a matter of time...fool!

Why are you quick to answer on this, you are always scanning this blog site yet huh, homely Charmainge?!?
Why are you so hateful & spiteful towards the TRUE AMERICAN - NATIVE AMERICAN PEOPLE? HUH?

How many times were you adopted into the Chippewa Nation? Your tribe is the German tribe of Germany & the zulu tribe of Africa!?!
he he he he.
Beside they are not my elected what joke council. Didn't you know that tribal council are in fact a pretend group to help out the white man get rich!?!

Pat said...

Us "inside sources" will never give up telling the truth, our Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Council has to give up to protect people like you, some are in the same boat as you! Susan Bradford is a well-established truth telling journalist, she is above you and your comment you submitted. We need journalists like her to expose fraudulent Indians, especially the ones who steal our identity, go form your own Tribe, leave us original Saginaw Chippewas alone, give us our Tribe back, go mooch off someone else for once!

Anonymous said...

Don't ya just love it, "per cap that is".

Pat said...

Someone will mooch to have percap! that's how hard up someone will get, just to stealit, they love it, steal percap that is!

Pat said...

Oops, mean someone like anonymous loves stealing it, percap that is!

Anonymous said...

Contacting all disenrolled natives across California. Once we gather the numbers we are taking control of all tribal halls run by corrupt tribal councils who harm their own people simultaneously. The outside is not willing to help us and the same corrupt leaders like to say its an internal matter to keep others from seeing they have no just cause for their actions so now we will make it an internal matter. Doing this simultaneously will give us the attention we need from the media and government. It's time to make this happen. It's time we fight back. I know everyone wanted to do this legally we did too but that hasn't worked for any of the thousands of wrongfully disenrolled. It's time to take action. This is our REVOLUTION to overthrow corrupt oppressive regimes. It's been done throughout history with success. When the people are fed up by their dictatorship they fight back and that's what it's come to. For them it's about money and holding onto power, for us it's our heritage and family.