Wednesday, June 5, 2013

North Fork Rancheria Plans Spurs Fight. Corrupt Tribes Like Picayune Rancheria and Pechanga OPPOSE Another Tribe Getting Casino

When California voters approved Las Vegas-style gambling in 1998, proponents said it would be limited to places already recognized as Indian lands.

But a rare ruling from the Obama administration and a deal approved by Gov. Jerry Brown would allow one tribe to build a casino on a 300-acre property once slated to be a NASCAR racetrack in the Central Valley town of Madera. The prospect has divided Indian tribes and touched off an intense fight in the Capitol.

Members of the tribe, the North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians, have not lived on the Madera land for generations. But if the group is successful, it could help reshape the future of tribal gambling in California, opening the way for new casinos up and down the state — and closer to urban centers — according to critics of the gambling industry and other opponents of the deal.

LA TIMES on North Fork Casino Plans


Anonymous said...

Contacting all disenrolled natives across California. Once we gather the numbers we are taking control of all tribal halls run by corrupt tribal councils who harm their own people simultaneously. The outside is not willing to help us and the same corrupt leaders like to say its an internal matter to keep others from seeing they have no just cause for their actions so now we will make it an internal matter. Doing this simultaneously will give us the attention we need from the media and government. It's time to make this happen. It's time we fight back. I know everyone wanted to do this legally we did too but that hasn't worked for any of the thousands of wrongfully disenrolled. It's time to take action. This is our REVOLUTION to overthrow corrupt oppressive regimes. It's been done throughout history with success. When the people are fed up by their dictatorship they fight back and that's what it's come to. For them it's about money and holding onto power, for us it's our heritage and family.

nickey said...

You are so right Anonymous a gathering of numbers will speak louder than words. I am still enrolled with the Chukchansi tribe But I know my time will come. We must keep speaking about the need for revolution or it will never come. REVOLUTION REVOLUTION REVOLUTION.....