Friday, June 14, 2013

Cherokee Nation Tribal Council candidate seeks Emergency Restraining Order On CN's Handling of Freedmen applicants.

Is Mr. Mayes looking out for the Cherokee Freedmen, or is he looking for votes? It's good for the Freedmen if the court will do something, but does it make Mayes look good

A candidate competing for an at-large seat on the Cherokee Nation Tribal Council filed a motion Friday, seeking an emergency restraining order against the tribe.

Robin Mayes, one of six candidates for an at-large post up for grabs June 22, alleges that tribal officials have restricted the enrollment of freedmen descendants. He contends those efforts violate an existing federal court order and hinder his candidacy.

Mayes motion, filed this afternoon in the U.S. District Court of Northern Oklahoma, asks the judge to order the processing of pending citizenship applications filed by freedmen descendants. Mayes also is asking the court to “hold open” the June 22 election until those applications are processed and the applicants have time to register and vote


Anonymous said...

The Freedmen would benefit, but why would the candidate? Will they vote for him?

Unknown said...

The issue is a little more complicated than will it help me get votes. I would not have standing to ask for the restraining order if I were not a candidate and the fact that I have exhausted all tribal remedies leaves only the federal Court. I have been an activist for 20 years supporting the rights of ALL Cherokee Citizens to vote and participate.

Anonymous said...

If this is true then good for you Mr Mayes,hopefully you can make a difference and help not only your people, but so many others who are facing corrupt tribal officers.

White Buffalo said...

I would like to think that his intentions are true, and that his interests are for equality. I have been told that I am not very educated for having similar opinions about some other political issues, yet I do my best not to look for fault. Fault will always rear its ugly head. No need to look for it. This move may or may not gain support from the Freedman, but I am certain this will make more enemies from the powers that be. I hope it works for him and the Freedman. There are implications related to tribes who are in the process of disenrollment members during an election year.