Tuesday, June 18, 2013


As expected, Cherokee council candidate Mayes' motion is denied.

Case 4:11-cv-00648-TCK-TLW Document 205 Filed in USDC ND/OK on 06/18/13 Page 4 of 4

Non-party Mr. Mayes’ “Motion for Emergency Restraining Order” (Doc. 203) is DENIED. 
The Court finds it unnecessary to order responsive briefing or to conduct an evidentiary hearing, and 
Mr. Mayes’ Motion for Hearing (Doc. 204) is DENIED. If the Motion to Intervene (Doc. 202) is
moot in light of this Order or the election held June 22, 2013, Mr. Mayes shall withdraw such 
motion no later than Wednesday, June 26, 2013. 

SO ORDERED this 18th day of June, 2013. 

United States District Judge

Read about that motion:   http://www.originalpechanga.com/2013/06/cherokee-nation-tribal-council.html


Anonymous said...

This was done for show, by a candidate looking for voting support, right?

Anonymous said...


Your ancestors were strong when they were dragged on the Trail of Tears by their Cherokee Slave Masters. YOU must show that strenth.

White Buffalo said...

You know during the time of slavery it is said that these Indians owned slaves, and as a consequence those newly freed slaves were invited to become members of the tribe when freed. This was made legal by treaty, right? So all of the children who were born before from intermixing of blood were considered to be family, right? This was not a problem from the time it happened up until the council of Smith, right?

Well guess what it has never ever been possible to pick and choose who your family is. You can pick your friends but not your family.

The Cherokee are losing what made them special and unique. This started happening when they denied the rights of citizens who had not been convicted of any crime. Looks like the Cherokee Apple Council to me.

Anonymous said...

Finally Robert Smith unwittingly admits Margarita Britten to be full-blood. Well either that or he is saying the federal government made a mistake in 1913 and if that's true then what other mistake did they make and he should look into the rest of his tribe. He wrote a letter today saying that in order to receive an allotment in 1913 you had to be at least half native according to the federal government that over saw the allotments so Margarita Britten could have only been half. Then Mr Chairman how do you explain her children all receiving allotments at that same time? A mother and her children can't both be half blood.