Sunday, June 9, 2013

OP/ED: Saginaw Chippewa Council Cuts of Killers and Other Felons from Per Capita; Pechanga Tribe Gives them Credibility

The MORNING SUN has an editorial on Saginaw's decision to cut of per capita from their tribal felons.

We wrote about how Pechanga celebrates their child molesting felon:  and they have more than their share of felons on their per capita list.

Kudos to the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribal Council for its move to cut off killers, kidnappers, rapists and other felons from per-capita payments.

Most people off the reservation don’t understand the concept of per-cap, but it’s not hard. The Tribe is analogous to a huge, extended family. That family is in business.

The business enterprises – the casinos, the hotels, the restaurants, golf course, water park, real estate – could be considered family businesses. It’s obviously more complex than that, but that’s the basic principle. Per cap is a way for the Tribe to distribute the profits of Tribal business enterprises to the people who own them – the Tribal members.

Just like any other family, there are bad actors. A few Tribal members have committed horrible crimes. The federal court in Bay City and the Tribal court in Mt. Pleasant are far too busy.

No family has an obligation to support brothers, sisters or cousins who turn their backs on what’s right, who do evil things.

Likewise, the Tribe has no obligation to support evildoers.


Does it help said...

Sounds ok but who is to say how plea deals let some off or reduce their sentence!

Why scam said...

When does it end: Morning Sun of Mt. Pleasant MI ran this article Friday, certain tribal members aren't allowed to comment on their blogs. As far as we know, going after the felon's percap will give short-term relief to making per cap payments due to their increased membership. Their huge extended family is collateral damage, fraudulent family trees allowed to avoid current lawsuits. Our Tribal Council only has obligation to themselves. For example, they wrote a resolution that gave the majority of them and close family 250K tax-free years of service, flaunt this to our faces on recent blogs, they brag of hefty paychecks. Giving themselves all these freebies effected their bottom line. And another way for another hefty paycheck, some tribal members file for monthly 6K disability claims citing work-related diseases as lupus, ms, cancer, etc. Somehow, someone finds quick fixes to fill their own pockets abundantly and continue to brag about? What scams? But its legal here!

Anonymous said...

Just go down to the corner store on your golf cart and get another 12 pack, knock it back and pass out.

Hey Hey Hey said...

Can't anyone comment intelligently about "Thief Councils" instead of blaming the drunk?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, calling people derogatory names is a highly intellectual act. Seems you are just short of another 6 pack.

Hey stealers get a grip on it said...

whats derogatory name is seen on any of these blogs? Are you reading more into a comment from your own guilt of stealing?

White Buffalo said...

Given the nature of the thread,

"OP/ED: Saginaw Chippewa Council Cuts of Killers and Other Felons from Per Capita; Pechanga Tribe Gives them Credibility"

and the knowledge of disenrollment from certain tribes is motivated by greed and power. It is understandable that there is resentment, bitterness, and most important a lack of recourse on the part of the disenrolled.

What is even worse is that it is in the case of my family. family turning its back on family, and then flaunting their cruel dissention in the form of making fun of and ridiculing us. the ones who helped them so many years ago when they had nothing and came with their hand out to my grandfather. I remember when that bald headed old woman and Francis came to my grandfathers hose in the 80s and asked him to walk them through the graveyard. They were plotting then, but my grandfather was an honest man, and did not see their treachery.

I know back on subject. I understand the hurt that has been caused, and yes for those who are not directly involved may see this as a detractor to the message, yet where does a person go to vent. There are times when I cut loose and call Marc a pussy who likes it in the ass, or talk shit about Ed Burbee who is better know as "Ed the Potato Head" or start a fight with someone online who really does not deserve it, but in the end if I am wrong I will admit it.

Essentially people should be allowed to say what they think and not have to be politically correct. In the last month I have read some post written by educated people like Nickey and Nicky Luv and if a person can read through the lines there is much name calling and dissention in this group of families.

Anonymous said...

Oxymoron, intellectual idiot.

Could the oxy moron stop her jealousy is showing said...

Oh, the Chief Witch has spoken, now this Chief Witch thinks everyone is a constant idiot but her, suppose now she expects the praise, the honor and the glory!

Anonymous said...

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