Monday, June 24, 2013

Judge Orders Sheriff to Remove Money from Chukchansi Till. Tribe fails to PAY $725,000. They Not Only Cheat their Own, they Cheat Others TOO

 A Madera County judge has ordered Sheriff John Anderson to go to Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino and remove money from the casino till to recover money in a settlement for a former casino manager who sued the tribe.
The payout stems from a lawsuit by ex-casino and hotel manager Matt Olin, who is owed $725,000 after he was fired last year. He was in the middle of a five-year contract and the tribe waived its sovereign immunity to employ him.
That allowed Olin to file a lawsuit against the Chukchansi Economic Development Authority, an unincorporated arm of the tribe, if the tribe failed to live up to the contract.
Olin reached a $725,000 settlement but originally wanted far more, said Richard Verri, who represents a tribal faction led by Reggie Lewis.
But the other Chukchansi tribal council faction, led by Nancy Ayala, will fight the "till tap" ruling by Judge Michael Jurkovich.
His ruling, which must be carried out by the end of November, said that if the tribe fails to pay Olin from casino proceeds, he can go after other tribal assets to enforce the judgment

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Anonymous said...

About time someone deals with these outlaw Indians always trying to hide behind tribal sovereign immunity for unjust acts. The only ones that come on top are their slimmy lawyers.