Tuesday, July 12, 2011

$100 Million Casino San Pablo: Tribe Says NO RAISES, Health Insurance Cuts for employees.

Casino San Pablo might be drawing all aces these days, but luck may have run out for its workers.

Cocktail waitresses, bartenders, floor walkers and other union members are locked in a contract stalemate with the tribe that owns the booming East Bay gambling hub.

At issue: the 350-member tribe earned over $100 million last year on gaming revenues, yet is refusing raises to its employees, whose average salaries are $9.50 an hour.

"It seems like they're turning their back on us," Isidoro Saravia-Ramos, 58, a dishwasher at the casino for 10 years, said through a translator. "We want the casino to succeed, but we as workers need to succeed, too."

The tribe offered a contract to its 200 union workers in May that included no raises and deep cuts in health insurance and other areas. New employees, for example, would start at 2002 wages and not be eligible for health insurance for a year.

Only four union members voted yes on the contract.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like a union matter. The other question is why are they union.

OPechanga said...

Because the union will protect them and fight for them. How's that working out?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. It seems like the Casino should do the right thing and share some of their success with the employees.

Anonymous said...

Were in a recession! There lucky to have a job!
Unions are going to destroy this country!