Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hoopa Valley Tribe: Who Needs that First Amendment Anyway? Shuts Down Newspaper Over Controversial Articles.

The Hoopa Valley Tribal Council chairman shut down the tribe's newspaper through a memo sent Friday afternoon, citing financial issues and disagreement over controversial articles.
The Two Rivers Tribune, the tribe's newspaper for nearly 20 years, is a weekly newspaper distributed throughout Eastern Humboldt. According to the publication, it is the last Native-owned newspaper in California.
According to a copy of the memo sent to the Times-Standard, Tribal Chairman Leonard Masten directed that the newspaper be closed immediately. He said the tribe was losing money by subsidizing the paper, but also pointed to recent controversial articles focused on marijuana issues and an interview with Bruce “Jason” Stallings-Hunsucker, a man wanted for his alleged involvement in the shooting death of a well-respected Willow Creek resident.

Interim Managing Editor Allie Hostler said the memo, which is dated Thursday but was received by the paper around 1:30 p.m. Friday, came as a shock. She disputed the financial issues, citing her audit of the paper's financial records. Furthermore, she said, she's concerned about what this will mean for the paper's advertising contracts, which are active for another six months.

”It's just really disturbing that one man who didn't like our articles can basically take two decades worth of hard work on our part, and just close it,” Hostler said.

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Anonymous said...

gomez sucks hes in it for himself

Anonymous said...

Good for them who needs freedom of speech and civil rights.

'aamokat said...

When are people going to get it? There is no freedom of speech or freedom of the press on Indian reservations or among Indian tribes.

Fine, tribes want to do what they want and cry sovereignty, then they don't need to get any federal aide.

Anonymous said...

Irony is 'sovereignty' is a myth. Read "Sovereignty and the Supreme Court."

If Tribes were really sovereign, when Cabazon won suit, tribes did not need Washington approval for gambling. However, Washington was not going to let Indians get away scott free; no way in hell.

Washington, after the fact, came up with Reg Act to keep yoke of suppression on Indians to keep them under the rule and thumb of politicians.

The reg Act then did a magic trick on Indians. However much Inouye and Campbell pretend to be friends to Indians, they were in fact, subotaging Indians.

Think about it. Indians then became subject to will of individual states. Now, how's that for 'sovereignty.'

This opened the door for all the buying and selling of political influence and corruption.

Indians already had the right to open casinos. However, there was the whole pretense of people like Levine, Dickstein, and other lobbyists; "friends of Washington insiders to get a foothold in the Indian 'situation.' to take advantage of the Indians greed and stupidity.

Jerome Levine was playing Pechanga for stupid the whole time. Levine knew the whole setup was a fraud and he took full advantage.

NIGA, CIGNA, ETC. all playing the Indians; add to this influence was the buying and selling of California politicians. Has anyone else figured out yet that many California politicians are descendants of Mexican and espanol invaders? Hmmm...Cruz Bustamente.

CIGNA: Masiel, Leyva

Check Masiel, Leyva buying and selling of Politicians.

Sovereignty? I think not..Washington toys with Indians.

Watch Dorgan toy with Macarro during Water hearing. Watch closely; pay attention to intonation; body language. The placement of mouse was lower that catbird seat. Important indication of power position.

Macarro fumbled and mumbled unlike one in sovereign position.

Again, Levine played Pechanga for a pretty penny and opened the door to Pechanga to non-Pechanga Indians.

Holly Cook is another pretender playing Pechanga.

stand your ground said...

Well said and I agree.