Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Former First Lady Betty Ford's Funeral Today; A Pechanga Connection Through The Hunter Family

The funeral for former First Lady Betty Ford is today in Palm Desert.  She was one of our most beloved First Ladies.

There is a Pechanga connection to Mrs. Ford:  In November 2010, we wrote an appreciation for Mary Ann Poole, a deceased Pechanga Tribal Member, who was posthumously removed from the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians:

In any case, Mary Ann was transferred to Wash DC and I went to Kami Seya, Japan. She spent an interesting year in DC. She worked for the National Security Agency (NSA) in their communications center.

Also, since she was one ofthe service women who had a Top Secret security clearance, (OP: Anyone think the Pechanga Tribal Council could get one? Or the Masiel Crime family?) and was deemed trustworthy, she was asked from time to time to babysit the kids of the "big wigs". She wound up sitting with Gerald Ford's kids on several occasions, a job that she was proud of, especially since he later advanced from just a US Congressman from Michigan to the US Presidency.

Sadly, Pechanga has severed that connection to the former President Gerald R. Ford and his family, by terminating the descendents of Paulina Hunter, whom Pechanga's own hired expert proved was Pechanga.   Pechanga also removed their page honoring their Veterans, because most of their veterans were from the Hunter family...


Anonymous said...

No suprise... Another person of honor dishonored by criminals in the Pechanga cartel. When justice comes the hammer will fall! knock, kock...

Who's their?


Everyone who?

Everyone knows the truth!!!

Mine is bigger than yours;) I'll show you mine but you won't show me yours.

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