Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rincon Tribe Barricades Private Property - Keeps Owners INSIDE

The Rincon Tribe is working to control privately owned land.  The landowner does not recognize tribal authority over his property. But it's a sign of things to come.   The Pechanga Tribe of Temecula is also working to steal/control water that was designated to allottees of the Temecula Band of Indians, who were granted land on the reservation that was set aside for ALL Temecula Indians.   A Splinter Group has taken control of the tribe and is trying to use their leverage with Congress to steal water rights.

The Rincon Band of Mission Indians placed three concrete barricades this week at the entrance to a neighboring property ---- the latest salvo in a 4-year-old battle to get the owner to comply with the Valley Center tribe's environmental regulations.

The 5-acre property, located directly across the road from the tribe's casino and resort, has housed a vehicle storage facility, trucking business and numerous recreational vehicles. Rincon officials have said the property was a health and environmental hazard and has ordered it to be cleaned up.
But the land that once was part of the reservation is now privately held by Marvin Donius, who says the property is not subject to the tribe's jurisdiction or laws.

The barriers blocked Steven Rogers-Dial and his wife inside the property. The couple rent a home on the property from Donius. Rogers said he was prepared to stay on the property as long as possible in solidarity with Donius.

"I'm not going to walk out just yet," Rogers said. "I've got enough food to hold me a month, if I need to."

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Anonymous said...

what a crock of crap. These tribes and their holier than thou attitudes have just gone too far. What gives ANYONE the right to trespass and hold hostage neighboring properties?

Something has got to give as certain tribes are stepping over the bounds of good neighbors and decent humans. When is it going to be enough. Water rights are for all. It is your right to have power, water and feel the safety in your home.

Whats going to happen is things will be settled like it used to be. With a shotgun. If you trespass, bang, which is your right as a homeowner. Pick up the baracades and dump them in the parking lot. Its legal, remember tribes don't have to follow the laws so dump it in their yard, what can they do?? They are soveriegn!

Anonymous said...

I think they wanted him to clean them place up?