Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Temecula - Pechanga's Complex Relationship.

The Press Enterprise has a loving article (towards Pechanga)in todays edition. It's comical that anytime something bad happens at Soboba it's front page news. Issues with Pechanga.....swept under the rug.

When it comes to complicated relationships, the one between the Pechanga Resort & Casino and the city of Temecula ranks right up there with any tortured celebrity romance.

The casino brags it's the biggest and best in California. Temecula boosters are happily capitalize on that claim, gleefully noting that a weekend getaway here includes Wine Country, Old Town, golfing and gambling tables.

The casino has showered area charities with cash. Southwest Riverside County high schools have received $2.5 million since 1998 from the casino, funding scholarships to athletic supplies. The casino donated another $1.5 million toward construction projects for the area Southwest Boys & Girls Clubs.  OP:  To put this into perspective, in just the past six years, Pechanga has paid out over $1 BILLION in per capita, just the normal 3% in charitable giving would be about $30 million.  This is much less.

The casino is a major area employer. Pechanga public affairs representative Jacob Mejia estimates that, within Temecula alone, the tribe's economic impact results indirectly in more than 11,000 jobs.   OP:  Really Jacob?  Show us your math, how do you come to these figures.   What would happen if the casino shut down tomorrow?  Would the local citizenry suddenly quit spending their dollars, or would they spend it elsewhere?

That's a major economic force. In these tough times, who would want to mess with that? Yet that's what the city of Temecula is daring to do with last week's lawsuit against the Pechanga Band of LuiseƱo Indians.  OP:  Yes, DARING to stand up for what is right, just as they stood up for Pechanga to get their expanded gaming.

The argument is over a March agreement between the tribe and city, calling on Pechanga to pay the city at least $2 million annually to cover casino-related expenses such as police. In addition, the tribe agreed to contribute $10 million or secure federal dollars in the same amount to improve a brutal Interstate 15 interchange near the casino, one often tied up with gambler traffic.

The city expected the tribe to pay by June 30, but Pechanga contended the agreement isn't final until talks with Riverside County are done.   OP:   And we all know how trustworthy Pechanga is, don't we?    anyone? Anyone?

Read the rest of the article  HERE     But also read THIS POST   about a neighbor that does bad deeds. 


Anonymous said...

Did Pechanga purchase shares in the PE?

What a load... Pechanga has obligations to the local area and to offset the costs that the success their enterprise has created.

Making empty promises is the month of the current Pechanga government. To it's citizens and abroad.


Anonymous said...


"Making empty promises is the mo of the current Pechanga government."


Anonymous said...

Stop the bull-shit, Meija!

OPechanga said...

Jacob Mejia, may not be spouting B.S. But I'd like to know how it went from 5,000 indirect jobs to 11,000. Was that due to a stimulus, or did he mean saved or created?

Show us the math on that Jacob.

Anonymous said...

The reason it went from 5,000 INDIRECT jobs to 11,000 is that there is no accountability to disprove that. Does that sound familiar in this government?

injun joe said...

I know Jacob Mejia, he's a nice kid but his education is Political Journalism, why else would a DECIETFUL goverment like Pechanga hire him!

Anonymous said...

Mejia puts out what Pechanga wants. But the question remains is: Why does a news organization like the Press Enterprise not do the due diligence on the story.

Anonymous said...

In a time where most newspapers are going out of business...someone needs to check and see just how much Pechanga spends in advertising dollars at Press Enterprise....they probably "buy" the positive stories about the casino....hardly true journalism....and hardly FAIR reporting.

Anonymous said...

I just think it's funny how quickly any negatie story on Soboba makes front page news. Although, when Soboba makes news, it's news... shootings, killings and Salgado.

The carjacking didn't make the news, the beating of Richard Swan didn't make the news at PE.

stand your ground said...

I believe the Press Enterprise is bought by Pechanga.
I have written several comments on different articles concerning this Tribe, but if you write negative comments about Pechanga they simply do not print it.
They should accept all comments, positive and negative,
is'nt that what free speech is about?