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Friday, October 1, 2010

City of Temecula to File LAWSUIT Against Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians for Failure to PAY

The latest news of Pechanga's failure to live up to its agreements.   The City of Temecula should no longer patronize the casino, hold events there, spend ANY city money and request their workers to do the same.

From the site: Having failed to broker a late-hour deal, the city of Temecula this afternoon will file a lawsuit against the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians seeking money to cover the impact the tribe's casino has on city services, Mayor Jeff Comerchero said.
The City Council voted in August to pursue legal action against the tribe. City officials said the tribe failed to pay a scheduled $2 million payment by June 30 as part of a long-term agreement intended to cover the cost of providing police and other services to Pechanga Resort & Casino.

Tribal leaders said the agreement wasn't official until talks with Riverside County concluded. Following the council's vote to go to court, Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro called the city's actions absurd.

Pechanga is well known for terminating 25% of its tribe via disenrollment.


Anonymous said...

Boy, this shows you that they feel they are above the law. Crooks every one of them.

stand your ground said...

Temecula council nedds to think twice b/4 making new contracts with the CORRUPT TRIBAL CHAIR DISHONORABLE MARK MACARRO.

stand your ground said...

{nedds? duh}typo error.. they need to think not only twice but they need to re-evaluate their thinking about this tribe.

Anonymous said...

The Pechanga Band is trying to steal the water rights meant for ALL Temecula Indians.

WE know how the city feels, believe me.

We wont be going to Pechanga Casino

Anonymous said...

This still doesn't change that the agreement is on the tribe's side. It will be impressive if the case is thrown out of court, because the city is not following the agreement they signed. I'm on the side of those who were disenrolled but how can anyone be on the side of the city who agreed to something then didn't like what they agreed to.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to believe there's enough ambiguityin that ruling that Temecula's lawyers feel comfortable in filing suit.

Anonymous said...


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