Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cherokee Principal Chief CHAD SMITH Called out By Council

Wow, a smackdown in the Cherokee Nation.   Chad Smith, current principal chief of the Cherokee, apparently does not want to help clothe Cherokee children, want to cut down of firefighters, putting the safety of the Cherokee people at risk

Any wonder why he is in our HALL OF SHAME?   Time to vote CHAD SMITH out and  John Cornsilk IN

A story about the 2011 budget on the Cherokee Nation website prompted us to do a series on the budget. Chief Smith states that when we voted against the budget, we were voting to shut down the entire Cherokee Nation. We being Tina Glory-Jordan, Bill John Baker, Jodie Fishinghawk, Joe Crittenden, Curtis Snell and Chuck Hoskin, Jr. He went on to say we were voting against scholarships and school clothing vouchers. That since we voted no, we wanted to put 3,000 people out of work, closing down clinics and pre-schools and well, you get the picture, absurd as it is. He said a lot more and we will address that in the coming weeks. We voted no to make our displeasure at the chief’s budget known. Why were we against it? Because he should have looked first at other ways to cut the budget, rather than cutting programs that provide direct services to the people.

By his own reasoning, since he cut their budget, he is against the school clothing voucher program. He must be for not helping families’ cloth kids, since he cut $100,000 from its budget. He failed to tell you, that when four of the six councilmembers he mentioned, took their seat on the tribal council, the voucher was $75. When we sat in on our first budget hearing, Jodie Fishinghawk made a motion to raise the amount and Curtis Snell or Janelle Fullbright or both seconded the motion. The voucher went from $75, passed $100 and on to $125. However, what we gave, he took away this year. Shame on you Chief Smith, for being against clothing for children. Why are you against clothing kids, when you have some of your own?

We received the budget with an $185,000 reduction to our rural fire stations. Hey, all you volunteer firemen; he cut your budget by 61%, which means he is against your volunteer work. Jodie found some money in a budget that goes underspent and Tina Glory-Jordan suggested putting $150,000 back in the rural fire station budget.  Hmmm, he is against you firefighters and we are for you? Yes, that is good, solid reasoning


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stand your ground said...

How much does Chad Smith get paid to do his job?
I am guessing way to much for doing a lousy job and kicking people out of the tribe.
Just another piece of human waste.