Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Agua Caliente Lays Off 2% of Workforce

Remember when we were promised expanded gaming would balance our state budget?  Not only did it NOT appear to balance, we will probably get LESS money.

At a time when Coachella Valley resort properties are hiring seasonal staff, the Agua Caliente Band of
Cahuilla Indians has cut some of its work force.

The tribe, which operates the Spa Resort Casino in Palm Springs and Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa
in Rancho Mirage, on Tuesday confirmed through press secretary Nancy Conrad that 40 to 60 people
were laid off over the past week.

Conrad said the layoffs represent roughly 2 percent of the total work force.

“We have between 2,700 to 2,800 team members at any particular time,'' Conrad said, and added, “Right
now, there are no plans for future reductions.”


Unknown said...

I hearthrust in addition to the layoffs full-time employees are now working 4 less hours a week.

I love the Agua Caliente tribe and hope things pick up for them. They contribute so much, both culturally and financially, to the Palm Springs area.

Unknown said...

I have to stop using my iPhone to leave comments. I heard...not hearthrust.

Anonymous said...

A lot of good folks work at AG. Sad news.

I remember when Pechanga laid of 400 Temeculans.

Anonymous said...

could the lack of business be a fall out of the tribes that are disenrolling and lying. is this starting to hurt all tribes weather they have disenrolled or not. is it time for these other tribes to take a stand before all is lost for all tribes.

Anonymous said...

I believe the lack of business at Agua Caliente is just the poor economy. It's not as simple to use an unemployment check to go gamble and eat as it was when people had paychecks.

Time to get rid of the Democrat trash.

Anonymous said...

I know for a certainty that there are a LOT of people who no longer will patronize those Indian Casinos such as Pechanga and others who have misused the power and wealth to be so hurtful there former tribal member.

So though the bad economy is probably the prime reason for there slow down, it is not the only reason. Having several hundred former patrons no longer spend there money at there casino's, plus the bad economy has got to hurt. I know of a lot of former patrons who choose to go elsewhere because of the misuse of power and corruption that has occured.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather drive to San Manuel or Pala than go to Pechanga, knowing how they are with their people.

creeper said...

Pala is a beautiful casino and has a better Buffet anyday, besides I don't feel so uncomfortable being there as I do at Pechanga.