Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pechanga Says City is LYING About Pechanga Tribe Refusing Service of Lawsuit

Pechanga disputes false accusations about service of City’s lawsuit

Pechanga Indian Reservation, CA, Oct. 19, 2010 - The Pechanga Band of LuiseƱo Indians today announced arrangements were made last week for service of the City of Temecula's lawsuit against the Tribe.

Tribal officials also responded to false claims that the Tribe deliberately avoided being served in the city's legal action. The suit alleges that the Tribe breached its compact with the State by not making a June 30th payment to the city under the provisions of an agreement with the city that the city admits was expressly conditioned on the existence of a similar agreement with the County of Riverside. No agreement between the Tribe and the county has yet been reached.

City officials accused the Tribe last week of stymieing the city’s process server. The allegation underscored the city’s fundamental failure to realize and respect that it is dealing with a federally recognized Indian tribe and not a business or a developer operating within the city’s borders.

Pechanga is a federally recognized Indian tribe with historic rights and responsibilities that should be respected,” said Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro. “Since the City borders tribal land, one would hope that city officials would realize that serving notice to a federally recognized Tribe is not the same as serving any other address in the city. Last week’s accusation was just the latest example of the city’s fundamental ignorance for Pechanga as a government.”  OP: Maybe Macarro, well known for terminating 25% of his tribe is right.  Pechanga should be respected for terminating Native Americans, trying to steal their water rights, denying access to allottees, banishment.

The Tribe first heard of the failed attempt when a reporter contacted it last Wednesday, after which time the Tribe’s legal counsel immediately called the City Attorney to arrange for service.    OP:  Do you believe Pechanga, they wouldn't lie would they?

“The decision to not pick up the telephone and make appropriate arrangements, along with the appearance of a political ploy, strongly implies that the city council has chosen to abandon the government-to-government relationship that the Tribe and the City has worked for years to develop,” Macarro said. “They chose to disregard the proper process. We learned of this perceived difficulty from a reporter, which confirms the view that this baseless suit is a political stunt.”
“Much like the timing of the lawsuit, the timing of this accusation is very peculiar,” concluded Macarro.    OP:  Or the process server could have told the guard that he was going to the government center on official business, and he could have been escorted inside.

OP:  Sounds suspiciously like a recent phone poll that could have been arranged by the tribe to make the city queasy.


Anonymous said...

Kinda back fired in their face?

Anonymous said...

What they should do is buy the city some new police cars every year,maybe a million a year to public streets for up keep ,etc....

Is council smoking crack? Mark Macarro is acting strange?

Anonymous said...

I believe the city should begin its slow retaliation for the tribe not paying what it owes.

It put in the machines right away, because it knew the city was weak. Now the city needs to show its fortitude and begin to exert pressure by withdrawing its business support.

Anonymous said...

Why would Pechanga LIE? What would they have to gain?

city council said...

HaHa Dude,look at their last case,what a fricken joke!

The U.S Marshal almost had to serve them.

(why would pechanga lie)


Anonymous said...

You're going DOWN lil' Marky!!! Sleep well, I hope those spirits aren't buggin you too much!

Anonymous said...

hey peeps

stand your ground said...

Kinda funny to hear Mark Macarro calling somebody else a liar.
Since he himself is a master manipulator and liar.
The old saying comes to mind..
it takes one to know one.