Monday, October 11, 2010

Pechanga Website SCRUBS Veterans Page: Almost Empty Without Hunters

It looks like the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians website has scrubbed it's page honoring Pechanga Veterans.  Yes, that page is NO LONGER available.   We wrote about Hunter Veteran Felipe Cuevas earlier. Interesting that Norman Pico Sr. was on that list, as was his neice.   Why would Pechanga do this?

Could this be because the majority of veterans were from the Hunter Family that was terminated from the Pechanga tribe?   You scrub the descendents of Paulina Hunter off the veterans list and you have very few remaining. Or, maybe Pechanga just doesn't care about veterans?

Maybe they need a Pechanga felons list, want to bet that list would be longer than the veterans?

Please pass this information on to Temecula area friends and family, and avoid Pechanga


'aamokat said...

They couldn't take out all of our family members' names without someone noticing so instead they just took down the whole page?

So they don't want to honor their veterans?

Not surprising as these casino Indians have no honor.

Hey, maybe we can have our own page of veterans if our "esteemed tribe" doesn't want to have one of their own.

Anonymous said...

This is a disgrace on it's own merit.

Couple that with their dishonorable treatment of the children of the Original Pechanga people and it just shows why we shouldn't support this enterprise.

Until the Pechanga Band restores its honor, we should avoid this casino, tell our friends about this and spread the news that Mark Macarro is a pathetic troll.

creeper said...


Native Americans had and still have a big part in fighting and sacrificing for our freedom and safety of ALL AMERICANS.
Some of those proud and outstanding men and women where descendants from the Temecula/Pechanga Band.
One of them was my grandfather John N. Miller who was a grandson of Paulina Hunter, an ORIGINAL TEMECULA/PECHANGA INDIAN.
Jonny Miller served proudly in the 335th Infantry-84th Division, WW2
Battle of the Bulge/Europe where he was wounded, lost his leg and suffered other injuries.
He received a purple heart, 2 bronze stars and a good conduct medal for his bravery.
He died June 1969.
John's great-grandson is now serving in the U.S.Airforce.
All our Veterans deserve our deepest appreciation, we thank you and salute you.

It is disgusting and wrong that the current Pechanga Members do not honor these brave warriors and they disgrace themselves by erazing their memory.

Mark Lucero.

Anonymous said...

To serve our country is honorable.
To serve oneself is less honorable.
To destroy a tribe is dishonorable.
To violate a tribe is a disgrace.

Yes, Pechanga honored a man who violated a child by believing his lies from prison and support a leader in Macarro who has destroyed tribal history and now has removed their veterans.

Sounds good, right Temecula?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they think giving away free food to veterans makes up for them dishonoring their own?

White Buffalo said...

Again I am not surprised by the actions of a community who has forgotten how to be Indian. My grandfather William “Pokey” Salinas served in World War Two, he was a proud man, yet he rarely spoke of his time in the service. He will be remembered by his family and those who knew him. I wonder who will remember the corrupt of Pechanga.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to all our veterans. I'm almost thankful that many are dead, so they cannot see the dishonor the tribe has done to them.
They went to war, in many cases, knowing they were Pechanga. Having the "leaders" of the CPP, who can only boast about prison time or maybe a good prison tattoo for their children, dishonor the veterans is disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

Pechanga must have a screw loose on this veteran issue. Let's see,who will head of the Senate Indian Affairs committee?

A Veteran I believe, one who fought the same enemy as some Pechanga Vets.

Anonymous said...

Disgraceful, such leadership.

temec citizen said...

Don,t change the subject I say we protest,come on tosobols?

What the hell makes the city think they should get a cut before the true people,,,here we go again!

state ,feds ,now city,

Anonymous said...

The Navajo code talkers are revered by their tribe.

Pechanga Veterans aren't held up by their tribe.

Let's remember that next veteran's day.

Anonymous said...

Pechanga veterans deserve respect from the tribe, even if there are so few of them remaining after the Hunters were eliminated.

Anonymous said...

This is truly upsetting I am a Pechanga Veteran on my 3rd tour to Iraq currently...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your service.

Anonymous said...

Create your own post listing Veterans that were dishonored... honor them now.