Thursday, October 28, 2010

ITG Publishing Launches It's Website with Native American Inspired Stories

I've said before that one of the best parts about having your own blog is that you can help your family out.   Our family members have launched a new website, where you can purchase stories with Native American Inspiration.  Please take a look and it's just in time for Christmas.   There is also a CD available that helps learn Luiseno words via music.

Glad to help out the family, and I hope that you will pass the site on to your friends.  Since Pechanga has stolen well over a Million Dollars from each Hunter and Manuela Miranda member, family members are becoming more entreprenurial.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new business. And for expanding the Luiseno language at a time when Pechanga has taken to shrinking their tribe.

Good Luck

Kent Appel said...

Thanks, my name is Kent Appel from the Hunter family and sadly, while I was in the language class at the Rez for three and a half years, I made the CD to help the kids at the school there but they haven't heard it because of all politics that has been going on.

I have sold some copies to schools and an after school program at some of the other reservations in the area but am forbidden to do so at Pechanga.

Most of the books listed for sale are written by my mother Louise (Jeffedo) Appel, not to be confused with Louise Jeffredo who was the lead in the lawsuit against Pechanga that was unfairly thrown out by the ninth circuit court of appeals, who is my cousin and my mom's niece.

We used to sell some of our items to the Pechanga gift shop at the hotel and casino but obviously we have been locked out of that market.

So why not try to get something going again as just cause Pechanga is currently shuting us out, doesn't mean we can sell elsewhere.

Thanks for your considertation and thank you to O.P. for putting the ad up and for writing the article.

Kent said...

I meant to say, "doesn't mean we can't sell elsewhere. Hate those typos!

Mary said...

Way to go, Kent! Just because they disenrolled us doesn't mean we forget who we are. You are a shining example for us to follow.


Anonymous said...

good luck Kent and thanks for preserving the luiseno languge I give the lessons to my Grandson so he may learn his peoples words


Kent said...

I made some changes to the ITG Publishing Web page including images of most of the products for sale at this time and some better contact and price information.

Thank you for your consideration.

Nora said...

Good luck, my friend!

Kent said...

If anyone happens to go to the itg publishing page the server from the Web host from their end is down but they are working on getting it back up.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to receive my CD. I just found out that my great grandmother spoke Luiseno as her 3rd languange and never heard her speak it. I can't wait to here it.

I also just heard that my cousin, far removed, was the one teaching the tribe or Macarro, the language as well as other men whom were in jail and/or recovering from something. You know how stories are and I can't keep thim straight.

Thank you for this opportunity..

Kent said...

The person who runs the language program at Pechanga is Eric Elliot, ironically a non Indian but an expert on some local Indian dialects.

Mark Macarro probably learned from some elders, maybe from the Luiseno tribe Rincon who speak the same dialect as Pechanga.

It is my understanding that Macarro was studying Luiseno at the same time years ago as my cousin Louise Jeffredo, not to be confused with my mother who owns ITG Publsihing, who studied with Vilana Hyde (not sure how to spell it) from the Rincon tribe, the woman who wrote a book on the Luiseno language that I believe is now out of print.

If this is SanJuan Florist, did you get my follow up E mail? as we don't know where to send you CD?