Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BIA Invalidates San Pascual Elections; MUST continue with proper elections

In a March 13 letter to Allen Lawson, current spokesman for San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians, the BIA smacks down the recent unlawful elections:

MONEY QUOTE: The Bureau cannot recognize the process follow in the conduct of the January 11, 2009 tribal election and continues recognition of the January 14, 2007 tribal elections.

The BIA continues: The San Pasqual Band is advised this election was not held in conformance with tribal laws.

That means illegal, unlawful, not right, corrupt.

More Money quote:

In administering this trust responsibility, the Bureau must nsure that Indian members' rights are protected and guaranteed.

In the sidebar to the left, you can see how the San Diego Sheriff's joine with San Pasqual security to keep rightful voters from casting ballots. SHAMEFUL


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You MUST keep the pressure on the BIA and make them do their JOB.

Anonymous said...

Nothing done during these elections were any more shameful than the acts done at Pechanga. Where is the BIA action in our case???
Does money talk to make them walk???
What's up BIA??

Luiseno said...

"Where is the BIA action in our case???

You and I both know where the BIA was on our case... the BIA is run by Mr Fletcher, and he is in turn run by the corrupt faction of Pechanga (him being a member of the Band).

Anonymous said...

I realize that there is a familiar person that has a history of not acting on behalf of the Pechanga dis-enrollee, but this new action perhaps sets a precedent for a departure from the way things "were" done. A new administration and a new affirmative action by the BIA with regards to dis-enrollments in California could signal that perhaps Pechanga dis-enrollees could petition the BIA to re-visit their cases? Any thoughts?
You have made several points of tribal law malfeasance that deserves addressing which the federal courts won't address because of jurisdiction. The tribe has already been aproached with th complaints internal solutions by have been exhausted.
eliminating the federal courts based on jurisdiction leaves the next step to the exeutive branch(BIA) or congress.
The challenge I feel is most important is where you have stated that person acted with malice in a governing position to remove your rights, and the tribal government admitted to the malice, but felt it wasn't substantial enough to address. There should have been nothing but impartiality , fairness, and most of all, just cause, before your citizenship was removed.
None of the above three factors occurred and the BIA would do a great service to reconsider any prior decision regarding Pechanga dis-enrollees.
I thought about writing the letter myself, but then I think it better that you at least be aware of my reasoning before I do anything, since your welfare with the tribe is at greater stake than mine is.

Anyhow, I think it a great thing that the BIA took this position.

Allen L. Lee