Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snoqualmie Tribal Leaders Give Their Version of Terminations of Indians

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IN OTHER NEWS: The Snoqualmie Tribe has received notice that their credit rating has received a downgrade:

Moody’s Investors Service downgraded Snoqualmie Entertainment Authority’s rating to denote that its bonds have a higher risk of not being repaid. The entertainment authority is the organization that built and operates the tribe’s casino between Snoqualmie and North Bend.
The authority was rated a B3, which means that its bonds were considered speculative and of generally poor credit quality.

OP: So, NOT ONLY has the Snoqualmie tribe failed their people at running a government FOR the people, NOW their tribe is having difficulty running their business side too. Maybe Washington citizens should stay away and go somewhere else. Ya think the machines will tighten up to make sure Snoqualmie rakes in even more?


Anonymous said...

OH, I am quite sure the tribe will have its fill of problems. It cannot operate within legal peramiters for a banishements, it cannot run as a democracy without banishing members who vote outside the majority. It cannot see a future for itself unless it lowers the blood quantums of banished family members to make certain they have nothing to do with the future of the tribe out of shear fear that their evil will be realized.

They fear. They should fear. They were wrong.

Anonymous said...

These people are surely not for their own tribal .... since the casino terminated the tribal members the council since then have not done anything for the tribal members, so they will loose not only respect of tribal members but the geneal members should replace all of the council automatic on 6 months probation, and automatically give all tribal members jobs - w experience or on the job training, this is the tribes destiny...not the manager
he can be replaced too it is atwell for him too......he has to be corrrupt to have allowed the tribal members to not work there he should fear he is wrong