Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Schwarzenegger Signs Compact with Pinoleville Rancheria; They Terminated Tillie Hardwick Family

California Governer Arnold Schwarzenegger, overlooking the immoral and unethical acts by the leader of the Pinoleville Rancheria, Leona Williams, signed a Gambling Compact with Pinoleville. This tribe exterminated the very family that got their rights back!

Who was Tillie Hardwick ?

During the 1950’s, the United States Government shifted its Indian policy and Congress passed the California Rancheria Act of 1958. The Act authorized the Secretary of the Interior to negotiate agreements with California’s Indian communities. It eventually led to the Indians of Pinoleville and 39 other rancherias having their rights as Indians “terminated.”
In exchange for Indians in these communities giving up those rights, the federal government promised residents clear legal titles to individual properties, upgrading of houses, provide a good road, water and sewer system and education for "terminated” Indians. Not surprising, The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) did not deliver those services and as a result many ill-equipped Indians ended up losing their lands.

After the BIA failed to honor those promises, Pinoleville resident
Tillie Hardwick, along with Indians from 17 terminated rancherias would file a suit: Tillie Hardwick v. the United States Government. In 1983, a compromise settlement was reached that re-established the rights of California’s terminated Indians and the reorganization of their Indian communities as tribal governments.

Governor, you shame the memory of the very woman who helped gain tribal rights for this Rancheria. You should be standing up for all Pinoleville people and NEVER signed this compact until all rightful members are where they belong.


Anonymous said...

someone should check and see how much money went to Arnold from this tribe...he is a traitor..he says he wasnt going to be bought..

Anonymous said...

And let us not forget the first tribal chairman, Robert Foreman, of the Redding Rancheria when the Redding tribe had their status as a tribe reinstated.

Mr. Foreman worked to get his tribe reinstated.

Mr. Foreman was also instumental in getting a health care system for Indians in Nothern California.

So how was Mr. Foreman paid back for his years of loyality to his tribe and California Indians?

Well his tribe disenrolled him and his extended family even after they presented DNA evidence in the 99.9 percent range that conclusively showed they were blood of their tribe, something the tribe had said they were not.

When are people going to wake up to the reality of this paper genocide?

Governor Swatzenegger should hang his head in shame over this recent action of giving Tillie Hardwick's oppressors a gaming compact.

No governor this is not an internal affair of the tribe when it comes to the State giving its stamp of approval to what ahppened to Tillie Hardwick.

Anonymous said...

"California and the Indian Wars
The California Militia and “Expeditions Against the Indians”, 1850 - 1859

That a war of extermination will continue to be waged between the races, until the Indian race becomes extinct, must be expected. While we cannot anticipate this result but with painful regret, the inevitable destiny of the race is beyond the power or wisdom of man to avert.

Governor Peter H. Burnett, January 7, 1851

"...Oh, Shame, Shame, where is thy blush, that white men should do this with impunity in a civilized country, under the very eyes of an enlightened government! They did it, and they did more! For days, weeks, and months they ranged the hills of Nome Cult, killing every Indian that was too weak to escape; and, what is worse, they did it under a state commission, which in all charity I must believe was issued upon false representations."
"...…Schwarzenegger says in his television advertisement, "Their casinos make billions, yet pay no taxes and virtually nothing to the state."
…"California state government does not pay taxes. Its citizens do," said CNIGA Executive Director Jacob Coin. "Indian governments also do not pay taxes. Indians do."
Schwarzenegger also says in his advertisement, "Other states require revenue from Indian gaming, but not us. It's time for them (to) pay their fair share."
"Pechanga Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro:
...It clearly demonstrates that Arnold is ignorant about tribal issues in California:
...It's unsettling to think that someone as ignorant as Arnold demonstrates with this ad is running for Governor"

It's one of the points Mark and I agreed on. After being subject to an occupation no less heinous than al Qaeda the governer sayd that california Indians don't pay their "fair share."
Anyhow, to contimue:

"Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Schwarzenegger Signs Compact with Pinoleville Rancheria; They Terminated Tillie Hardwick Family
...“Governor, you shame the memory of the very woman who helped gain tribal rights for this Rancheria. You should be standing up for all Pinoleville people and NEVER signed this compact until all rightful members are where they belong.”

Shame in the name of the state against California Indians, nothing new.

Anonymous said...

I dont get the last letter by Allen Lee...is he sticking up for
the tribes?...or knocking them?...he does way too many quotes and really doesnt say much.

Anonymous said...

If you are willing to use your real name "anonymous," I will be happy to explain the post. I get tired of going around in circles with phantoms. You don't even have the strength to talk to me directly, just an off-cuff remark about Allen Lee. It's a serious struggle and I don't have time to pander to anonymous weaklings. As long as your anonymous you don't even deserve a hint as to what was meant, but the point was about "Shame" in the historical context of how the State of California treated California Indians and its continuing "shameful" actions, which an editor/author of this article attributed to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2009.
shameful acts 1851, - shameful acts,2009, does this help?

Allen L. Lee

Anonymous said...

I dont see how California or Arnold is being "shameful"..it is the Tribes that are being shameful these days..kicking out their own to increase their monthly take...thats not Arnolds doing..its the Indians themselves!
Or are you saying that California is shameful for not coming to the kicked out members defense?..and sorry..the only reason I dont give my name is because this site has made me feel that some tribal members are gangsters and wouldnt want them to have my name...it wasnt an attack...really didnt understand where you were coming from mr. lee.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, the state wouldn't do state business with private schools if, for example, people of certain races were not allowed to go to the schools because of their race.

The state would not enter into any kind of business or government agreement with those schools and rightly so.

And the state would do so because the civil rights of the students who couldn't go to those school were being violated.

Can the governor intervene in the membership issues of the Pinoleville tribe?

No he can't but he doesn't have to do business with them and by supporting their compact he is in effect giving his and the state's stamp of approval of this tribe's wrongdoing.

Anonymous, I understand what you mean by being concerned about some tribal members and I share those concerns, that is why I right under a pen name.

But I doubt they would come after you, after all, a lot of the stuff we write is probably pissing them off but they aren't physically coming after us because they still don't see us as much of a threat to their position.

Besides, they have already harmed us by the stroke of their pens by writing us out of our tribes and they have no reason to do anything to you.

So I really don't think you have much of a reason to be afraid for your safety.

Anonymous said...

Hello anonymous,
I give you credit for talking to me directly, and as promised, I will explain my position to you.
The tribes themslves are not shameful and neither is the state of California. Persons entrenched into powerful positions in tribes and the state are behaving shamefully, hence he statement "shame in the name of the state."
I have no reason to accuse the collective, be it tribe or state, unless the collective is engaging in mob rule, either through feigned claims of democracy and majority rule or through popular violence. Very few of these disenrollments represent a majority act, so the shame goes to those who committ the acts, not the sovereign collectives in my mind. I support tribal sovereignty, I don't support human rights abuses committed by tribes, states, nations, or individuals.

Removing recognized citizens from the tribe/state/nation, or re-organizing the tribe/state/nation to exclude previously recognized citizens I feel is a human rights violation. By contrast, people who have not been recognized are subject to the rule of the tribes right to determine citizenship.
By your words you are still a recognized tribal member? I realize that it's more important to talk than to take sides at this point, in other words, it has gone too far. You mentioned a fear which encouraged you to write as anonymous. If these dis-enrollments weren't occurring under federal jurisdiction, your fears would most likely be fully justified. That's one of the reasons why I feel it an urgent matter to find a timely resolutions to the dis-enrollments.
Let's keep talking, I think we both can handle the truth, both the hard and easy truth.
I hope you can handle one brief analogy.
Ninth Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers were at the scene of the Wounded Knee Massacre. They claimed they were sent away to engage in a skirmish that never happened and when they returned the massacre had already happened. My position is that the Buffalo Soldiers were still complicit in the massacre because they helped facilitate the environment for the massacre to occur. They were part and parcel of the repression and eventual murders. 'aamokat explains this type of complicity when he uses the analogy of the state doing business with a private school that engages in racial discrimination.
I promised to keep it brief, but if you have any questions about this post, please let me know.

Allen L. Lee

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lee, at Pechanga there are hundreds of people and their immediate families with legititmate credentials who's line of descent is still recognized by the tribe, and who have relatives of their line of descent who are current tribal members, who are being kept out of the tribe because of an unconstitutional moratorium on new adult members.

So having recognition by one's tribe isn't the only criteria for determining who a legitimate tribal member is as these people are not recoginized by their tribe.

I agree with your point about those who have been recognized in the past should still be recognized but understand that those hundreds (over 1000 if you consider their children) have had their rights violated also.

That was one of the things that family members of the now disenrolled Pechanga families uncovered, that applications of legitimate applicants for tribal membership were not being processed who ended up being stuck in the moratorium and also that some adults were enrolled prior to the 2000 election even though the moratorium was in place.

This is also happening in other tribes.

Anonymous said...

Hello 'aamokat,
If their line of descent is recognized by the tribe than they would have a previous right of recognition based on descent.
This would fall under my opposition to a tribe-re-organizing people who would have been recognized out of the tribe.
The Pechanga moratorium people, like the descendants of the Cherokee Freedmen, have their rights by descent.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Tilly Hardwick is my great grandmother, her daughter Joyce is my grandmother, My father was born and raised at 670 orr springs road, lived on this property for more than half of his life, in 2018 my entire family , My father , mother, 2 sisters, 4 nieces, myself and my son were "evicted" and we're forcibly removed frome the property, my great grandmother's house was Demolished within days . The only land that we've ever called ours was taken, gone. It was immoral, scandalous and Evil . My great mother and everything she fought for , stood up for everything that was rightly hers, ours was taken, I often have wondered what she would have said or done or instructed us to do in this situation and I feel there are no words .

Anonymous said...

I Jamie Star Jackson /Pinoliville band of Pomo