Monday, March 16, 2009

Life Without Parole for Murderer of Pechanga Member

We wrote about the convictions in February of the murderers of our family member Daunte Mercado Bates, who was disenrolled by Pechanga with over 125 of our family. Now, the good news came on Friday that the killers were sentenced to LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE.
Justice for Daunte and the family. Thanks to the jurors for their hard work.

Daunte Mercado Bates

Franko Daniel Bernal , 22, of El Cajon, and McCauley, 24, of La Mesa, who could face the death penalty, were convicted today of two murder charges in connection with the November 2006 deaths of Mercado-Bates, 18, and a convenience store clerk in Lemon Grove.Daunte's sister, Sonserrie Camacho reports this: "After Bernal was found guilty on all charges including two counts of 1st degree murder. He had the nerve to say to me & my family "it's not gonna bring him back". " Happy Thanksgiving!"He is truly unbelievable! A monster! All the time he's going to get in prison isn't going to bring him back either!!
It won't bring Daunte back, but it WILL keep a violent offender in prison where he belongs. Let's hope we see more justice for former Pechanga members.


Anonymous said...

Finally! A decent verdict for a murdering criminal.

Anonymous said...

From a fellow San Diegan, best wishes to the family.

Anonymous said...

Very sad for the family.
Yes, thankfully these monsters will not cause anymore pain to anyone else.