Monday, March 9, 2009

California Tribes Want to Hurt Charities with Bingo Shutdown

California tribal casino representatives warn that the state risks losing tens of millions of dollars in tribal revenue-sharing payments if authorities can't shut down charitable bingo parlors that operate casino-style machines.

It's amusing to me that the tribes are concerned over California losing tax dollars if charities support themselves through bingo machines.

Tribes like Pechanga, ILLEGALLY installed bingo machines in their casino to circumvent the law that capped slot machines. Now, they want charities to shut their machines down because it's costing them MONEY.

Tribes that disenroll members like Pechanga, certainly weren't worried about the money that costs the state, due to increased health care costs, welfare, educational assistance and YES, LESS tax monies. I paid over $20,000 per YEAR in state income tax as my per capita, added to our salaries were taxed at a high rate.

From a SACBEE article:

Other casino tribes say the electronic bingo games that resemble slot machines violate their exclusive rights to Nevada-style gambling in California.
"You look at the games, and you see they are slot machines under state law," said George Forman, a lawyer representing numerous California casino tribes, including the Morongo Band of Mission Indians in Riverside County and the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Indians in San Diego County. "Over time, I think it's more likely than not that somebody is going to get upset."

Sycuan is the tribe that didn't let voters know that the membership hadn't approved extra machines when we voted on them last February.

Pechanga disenrollments have cost the state at least $5 MILLION dollars in lost INCOME tax revenue.


Anonymous said...

The Indians have NO say in what the SOVEREIGN State of California does or does not do!

And what the State of California does is none of the Red Mans business.....

Anonymous said...

If what Phil said sounds familar, then it is because that is what Pechanga chairman Mark Macarro said in response to critics of the tribe.

Macarro said, "what goes on internally at Pechanga is no business of the white man."

So I guess sovereignty works both ways.

Thanks Phil.

Anonymous said...

When the tribes tried to get around the machine cap at the Casinos, they put these crappy Bingo machines in and said they werent slot machines ...they were Bingo the tribes want to call the same machines slot machines because they mioght loose a few bucks to some charities...what a bunch of greedy scumbags....its time for the California taxpayers to rise up and top start a campaign to allow gambling throughout California by NON-TRIBE citizens....TAKE AWAY THE MONOPOLY OF TRIBAL GAMBLING!!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually the Macarro quote was, "what goes on at Pechanga is no business of the white man."

leaving out the word internally is significant.