Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tribal Gets a New Look

Tribal has a new look. This website, started by the Foreman family, whom the Redding Rancheria disenrolled, thereby embarrassing Indian country can be found at:

PLEASE take a look at the new video story, which is in FOUR parts. It's POWERFUL and you should tell your friends about it.


stand your ground said...

These are some powerful videos
they bring the corruption of these tribes right into your face.
If you can look at this and not be moved by the cold heartedness of it all then you are as inhuman as the bastards that perpetrade all this heartache.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. I suggest that everyone take some time and watch these videos.

OPechanga said...

These are well done, getting information out that needs to be told.

How can the Redding Rancheria hold their heads up in public?

Why is anyone supporting the Oneida tribe.

Luiseno said...
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Luiseno said...

Is another must see video

Luiseno said...

Trying to post a better link that can be clip-pasted. Here lets try this one

The original video on the dissenrollments at Pechanga. Very powerful and worth the effort to view.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen these videos yet as my dial up connection is too slow but I will view them soon.

It is my understanding that the reasoning the powers that be at Redding give for the disenrollment is the Foremans DNA test was not 100%

Which is absurd because if their tests were say, for example, 99.99955% positive that is legally binding for all legal purposes such as in paternity cases.

And while I am not an expert by any means in genetics, I don't believe that anyone, myself included with my own undisputed parents or even with those people from the tribal government at Redding, with their own families, could beat the test results, within about five ten-thousanth of a percent, that the Foreman's have.

Could anyone on this whole planet have a higher postive DNA test?

For anyone who knows the details of the Foreman case, is that really what the Redding tribe claims, that less than absolute 100% is not good enough?

Or are they just spouting the sovereignty line like all of the other scondrels do?

Anonymous said...

Identical twins could have a higher DNA test.

Luiseno said...

90%+ is non conclusive evidence. Does this somehow sound familiar?

I swear, it seems that the other tribes are taking lessions from the Pechanga Tribal Council.