Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Murderers of Pechanga Member Daunte Mercado Bates found GUILTY

These two animals snuffed out two lives and will have to pay for it.

Daunte Mercado Bates
Franko Daniel Bernal , 22, of El Cajon, and McCauley, 24, of La Mesa, who could face the death penalty, were convicted today of two murder charges in connection with the November 2006 deaths of Mercado-Bates, 18, and a convenience store clerk in Lemon Grove.

Daunte's sister, Sonserrie Camacho reports this: "After Bernal was found guilty on all charges including two counts of 1st degree murder. He had the nerve to say to me & my family "it's not gonna bring him back". " Happy Thanksgiving!"

He is truly unbelievable! A monster! All the time he's going to get in prison isn't going to bring him back either!!

It won't bring Daunte back, but it WILL keep a violent offender in prison where he belongs. Let's hope we see more justice for former Pechanga members.


Anonymous said...

Justice and a drop of sunshine on an otherwise dismal situation. But it will never replace the heartache the two families of the victims have had to endure and will always hold an empty place in their hearts.

Anonymous said...

Daunte couldn't have recieved justice, if it wasn't D.A. Romo & both Juries.

Thank you sooo much for all your time and effort!!!

Daunte's Family

Anonymous said...

We wish God's blessing upon Daunte's family. Times like this are always bittersweet.
Peace and love from your friends and family.

Anonymous said...

We hope the murderers suffer in prison, until the death penalty is imposed

Anonymous said...

May you rest in peace now, Daunte, and your family secure that justice has prevailed in our courts. Thank you for blessing my home on several occasions with your smile. Prayers to my family at this difficult time.

Aunt Elaine

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