Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Filipino-American Boycott of Pechanga Temporarily Lifted

MABUHAY Radio supports the Pechanga people that have been disenfranchised by the Pechanga Tribal Council. They have been boycotting Pechanga since early this year and will only LIFT the boycott for ONE day. Thank you to the Filipino people who support this action.

An ongoing boycott of the Pechanga Resort and Casino will be lifted by the Filipino-American sanction organizers, as initiated by the The one-day lifting is due to the performance at Pechanga by some Filipino and Filipino-American entertainers. The boycott is the result of the continuing discrimination being practiced by the current leaders of the Pechanga Tribe on some tribal members whom they ousted from the community on flimsy grounds.

The has joined the boycott of the Pechanga Resort-Casino and continues to urge all its readers and the Filipino-American community to boycott the said resort. This website fought very hard against the propositions that were sponsored by the Pechanga and three other Indian casinos, as described in these articles, Please Vote “No” on Propositions 94, 95, 96 and 97 and Media Breakfast Club Follows MabuhayRadio and Endorses the “No” Votes on Props. 94, 95, 96 and 97

The boycott continues after the show on February 21. In fact, the will undertake a more-energized boycott of the Pechanga Resort and Casino until and unless the tribal leaders will take back the ousted members of the tribe and restore their civil rights. The staff compares the immoral and illegal action of the Pechanga tribal leaders not only to the infamous violations of civil rights in history but also as the “equivalent of ethnic-cleansing abomination.” More data about the Pechanga “ethnic cleansing” are found in this website, and/or http://originalpechanga/


Creeper said...

Thank you to all the beautiful people at MABUHAI RADIO for their support in our fight for justice
in Indian Country.
There is nothing better than having friends standing with you.

Anonymous said...

I do think playing there at all is not in the spirit of the boycott.

That it would have sent a stronger signal if they would have encouraged all Flipino performers not to book engagements at all.

However, if they let Pechanga know that they will continue to boycott the Pechanga Casino and make it clear they will not be patronizing the tribe's establishment after the performance of the Flipino entertainers at least that will do some good.

We are grateful for any support for our cause we can get.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Macarro would just say


Pechanga doesn't care about Filipinos.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty weak boycott to me.....

If Pechanga really wanted to break the boycott they could just have Filipino entertainers more often.

The point of a true boycott would be to NOT show when Filipino performers were there!!

Anonymous said...

Boy is that lame...."Im going to boycott you unless you hire me"...thats no boycott ...very self serving...and I Pechanga will just start hiring more Filipino entertainers...the restaurant/cafe in the lobby is almost all Filipino run anyway..
I guess if they have an Indian performer..all of you kicked out members would forgive the boycott for the day??...VERY LAME

Anonymous said...

If you used to go to the casino 10 times a year and now only go 5 times, that's STILL better.

How many of the disenrolled still go to Pechanga Casino? THAT is lame.