Sunday, February 22, 2009

Snoqualmie banishment case ripping apart tribe

We reported this story back in July with "Worthless BIA Allows Shadow Government...."
a story that generated over 150 comments from those banished and those who supported destroying families..

By Lynda V. Mapes
Seattle Times staff reporter

Former members of the Snoqualmie tribe took the stand in federal court this week to fight what they say was an illegal banishment from the tribe.

They include the former chairman of the tribe, as well as several council members and an Indian tribal spiritual leader among nine former members in all seeking to overturn their banishment.

After hearing a day and a half of testimony, U.S. District Court Judge James L. Robart won't rule until March at the earliest.

At issue is whether the banished tribal members received due process, including adequate notice and an opportunity to speak on their own behalf.

The judge would not take testimony on other issues, including a disputed election before the banishment last April, or which tribal leaders were the legitimately elected ones.

The controversy has embroiled this tribe of about 650 members, which opened a $375 million casino in November just a half-hour drive from downtown Seattle.

The dispute dates back to a council election in May 2007, which some tribal leaders contend had serious irregularities.

Banishment is a rare practice among Coast Salish tribes, and is the most extreme punishment within Indian Country. A banished person is no longer a member of their tribe and cannot go on tribal grounds or receive tribal benefits.

The banished took the stand to say they were barred from entering the meeting by armed Issaquah police officers hired as security by the tribe. OP: Sounds like what happened at San Pasqual, see video on the sidebar.
"We were treated like criminals," said Carolyn Lubenau, a former council member who was banished that day by her tribe.
She and others testified that they stood outside in the cold for nearly four hours, without any chance to enter the meeting and defend themselves, or hear the charges against them.

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Anonymous said...

This just happened to them last year and they are already in court? What are we waiting for? God helps those who helps themselves.

Anonymous said...

Have you sent your money into the attorney?

Anonymous said...

Yes, but I guess we have to have a bigger "war chest". I say if we have a case we have a case.

Anonymous said...

so no apologies from any of the banished? they admitted in court that they were notified of their banishment meeting AND they left before they were asked to come in.
no apologies? how do the admins feel that they were supporting the lairs?

Anonymous said...

As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said - "It may be true the law cannot change the heart, it can restrain the heartless."

The heartless are about to be restrained. It's time for Tribal Justice and it's knocking on the door.

Oh Pechanga - you are not forgotten, we fight this fight for you and all other Native Americans disenrolled and banished.

We did not ask for this fight, but the ancestors, strong in their wisdom knew that when we were chosen to fight this fight, that we we will take this fight into eternity and we will never stop no matter how long the battle may last. Take heart Pechanga, you are not forgotten! We fight this fight for you!

Anonymous said...

i take that as a no. glad to see there are no longer any worthwhile posts here!

Anonymous said...

These banished had there chance! And again screwing up again, trying to run a general membership meeting with not seated yet councel members and chairperson which cause more chaos in the tribes affairs. Banished they still should be!

Anonymous said...

Whatever dude... the so called "banished members are no longer banished according to a general membership vote, that the council decided to later try and overturn because they weren't happy with it. The council NEVER listens to the general membership, and that is why most of the meetings they have had with general membership involved have been contested and overturned. It has nothing to do with the banished.... its your own council ignoring their people's voices.... whatabout that?