Sunday, February 8, 2009

10 Things You Can Do to Help Stop Lawlessness like Pechanga's

From the President of AIRRO:

10 Things You Can Do To Help Stop the Lawlessness in Indian Country

1. Call, Write, and Email your Congressional representatives and tell them that the violations of human rights and civil liberties must be stopped and the violators must be prosecuted.
OP: If only 10 people send a letter, it makes no impact, 11 is more, 120 is better. Don't sit back and hope somebody writes a letter, or email or fax. Send one yourself and one for you wife and kids.
2. Write letters to the editors of your local newspapers describing the violations of human rights and civil liberties occurring in Indian Country.
OP: How do you think we got a news piece on KNBC (linked at my blogroll)? The editors will right about what their readers want to read.

3. Boycott Indian Casinos owned by those tribes whose tribal officials have violated the human rights and civil liberties of its citizens and customers. (List coming soon to Pechanga.Info Homepage)
OP: I used to spend $3,000 a year at Pechanga, but no more. I tell people now, not to go there.

4. Get others to boycott with you.
OP: How about your reunion committee that's thinking of having it at the casinos? Nope.
5. Stand beside those who have been wronged - walk the protest lines.
6. Speak out about the injustices occurring in Indian Country. Don't hide behind the fear "that you might be next".
OP: Bullies will beat up on those who won't defend themselves.
7. Stand up to your tribal leaders and show them that you won't tolerate being a part of creating another era of dishonor and genocide against Indian People. Do not hide behind the shame of what is being done to your family and friends
OP: Had more of the other families brought their relatives in to vote, we wouldn't be in this situation. One vote lost by 4 votes.
8. Join and support the American Indian Rights and Resources Organization or any other organizations that work to promote, protect and preserve human rights and civil liberties in Indian Country.
9. Persuade local business and community leaders not to accept Casino money from tribal officials that violate the human and civil rights of any individual.
OP: How is it that school districts will support illegal immigration, but not violation of civil rights to their Native neighbors.
10. Support and encourage those who have had their human rights and civil liberties violated by tribal officials.
OP: Say, like commenting on blogs, or passing the blog address to friends or visiting the blogs 3-5 times a day to show some love?

For more information on the fight to end lawlessness in Indian Country, please continue to visit www.Pechanga.Info or contact or


Anonymous said...

How about also bringing up the fact that thousands of employess are being subjected to huge amounts of cancer causing smoke a day and many of the employees have no health benefits so the burden of the illnesses caused by the smoke will be passed onto the tax payer...there is a big push in California to go smoke-free..get them would surely get you some news coverage as well...see site

Creeper said...

stand uo to the LIARS and THIEVES of PECHANGA
cause someday you will be the next targeted family for disenrollment.