Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Schwarzenegger SO BAD, We should Apologize to Gray Davis!

Peter Hecht lets us know about this and Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro has said that the governator practices the "politics of PURE EVIL" and well, Chairman Macarro should know whereof he speaks, as that's what he practices.

GOP delegate wants apology for Davis recall

You have got to believe that the California Republican base is dispirited when a delegate at this weekend's state party convention is circulating a resolution to apologize to former Democratic Gov. Gray Davis for recalling him from office.

But that is exactly what party delegate Alex Burrola is suggesting.

The resolution, underscoring some party activists' seething displeasure with "post-partisan" GOP Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, reads as follows:

"Whereas, in 2003 a grassroots effort was begun to recall then-Governor Gray Davis from office on grounds which included gross mismanagement of the budget and finances of the State of California;

"...Whereas, candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger campaigned as a reformer and champion of fiscal discipline and responsibility who would bring change and reform to government which it sorely needed;

"Whereas, in the subsequent years Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has instead proven to govern as a tax and spend politician precisely similar to the one he campaigned to replace in the recall election;

"Whereas, the trust and confidence of Republicans has been betrayed and shattered by Governor Schwarzenegger's repeated and ongoing efforts to collaborate with Democrats in the Legislature to seek solutions to the state's fiscal crisis by irresponsible borrowing and increasing taxes and refusal to make the needed reductions in state spending;

"Whereas, Governor Schwarzenegger's current budget solution includes more than $14 billion in higher taxes on sales, income, gasoline and the car tax which he specifically attacked Governor Davis for raising;

"Whereas, it is plain that Governor Schwarzenegger has abandoned the most basic tenets of Republican ideology and rendered the whole purpose of the 2003 recall pointless;

"Therefore, be it resolved that the California Republican Party officially extends a heartfelt and sincere apology to former Governor Gray Davis for its role in recalling him from office."

Sorry Gray


Anonymous said...

I for one am sorry...

Anonymous said...

I am too. At least Davis would have stood up instead of hiding from the people.

Davis wasnt much, but he was one who I think would have done what was right. Arnold, doesnt know whats right becuase he has never had to make tough decisions...they were just written into the script. I am sorry Mr governor, my life isnt a script.

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