Friday, October 16, 2015

Thank You, BIA for Visiting this blog OFTEN, It takes Away the "We didn't KNOW" defense.

Over the past four weeks or so, I've been keeping track of the visits to this blog by the BIA.  NO, not the builders, the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Not helpful to THOUSANDS of Native Americans

I'm PROUD to say that over 65 separate BIA computers have checked in on our blog here.  We've had some of my family and some San Pasqual people sending them emails about what's been going on here. 

Thankfully, they've pulled their heads out enough to take a look.  While FEW will do the right thing, for fear of losing a cushy government job, at least, when I testify before congress, I'll be able to show them that the BIA knows how tribes are acting outside their constitutions...and do not protect the rights of Native Americans, nor are they doing their fiduciary duty.

NO WONDER they have to pay big on Cobell...and the Navajo... what's NEXT?

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