Monday, June 1, 2015

Pechanga's "Whistleblower" Was Fired For Exposing Corruption At The Casino, Including Pechanga Elected Officials?

I'm  working my way through the filings from the court filings of Benedict Cosentino, because, well, the Press Enterprise won't/didn't think to do  it.

Here are some statements from Mr. Cosentino:

In acting as a confidential informant, I risked my personal safety to help prevent theft from the Pechanga Band and to protect the integrity of the Pechanga Casino's gaming activities. I never asked for any payment or reward, and never received any. I was just doing what I thought any decent person was obligated to do.

Pechanga's attorney calls this..... self serving.

Pechanga's decease elder, and PGC commissioner Norman Pico Sr. brought in the DOJ, the CA DOJ and Riverside County District attorney

the  Commission sought the assistance of the United States Department of Justice, the California
Department of Justice and the Riverside Country District Attorney's Office in investigating
criminal corruption at the Pechanga Casino involving vendors, employees, and elected officials of the PECHANGA BAND.   OP:  MONEY on more than one occasion when the Commission met with investigators to discuss the investigation at the Pechanga Casino, Chairman Pico insisted that Defendant Fuller leave the room.  Recusal?  Why?  Were Pechanga tribal family members involved?  YES! See below:

26. After I left work on March 29, 2011, I made three calls to agents at the California
Department of Justice with whom I had worked in my capacity as a confidential informant.
27. Each of those agents told me that if the Commission asked me about my activities as
a confidential informant, I could not reveal any information about open cases because some of
the open cases involved family members of Defendant Fuller.   OP:  That would be MIRANDA family members.  


Tribal member Raymond Basquez and his wife Linda contacted me in or about October 2011, and asked me to meet with Pechanga Tribal Council member, Ken Perez.  OP:  If FELON Basquez's family were involved, he'd be working to protect them, not report them.  And guess who earned the Basquez  ire for standing up against the crime-family manufactured disenrollments? Yes, Stella Fuller's brother, Anthony, the former head of CNIGA

Stella Fuller was protecting her brother and Father from the DOJ investigation.  Shortly after Fuller's dismissal, Pechanga tribal members Anthony, Andrew and Raymond Miranda were disenfranchised from the tribe for theft.

Read the filing linked above, it has words, TRIAD as part of the claims that Pechanga didn't argue against, they didn't dispute any of the charges, simply focused on the sovereignty issue. Defending sovereignty at all costs, prevents legal exposure of tribal members.   Hiding behind sovereignty prevents CRIMINAL EXPOSURE.....

filings from the court filings of Benedict Cosentino

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