Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pechanga Tribal Meeting Today! Look LEFT, Look to the RIGHT, Who CAN YOU TRUST?

Word is about that at the Pechanga General Council Meeting Scheduled for TODAY, Sunday, that "other business" on the agenda may get interesting....

The brother of the tribal chairman, Mark Macarro is gone from his "job" as a high priced attorney who never passed the CA bar.   His credit  card receipts have been flagged for non business spending, unauthorized by Pechanga's Treasurer.   Theft...  The Crime Family of Pechanga (google it) wants him GONE.

Adding to the mix, the Crime Family wants their elderly former chairman Jennie Miranda back in the tribe, I guess feeling she's suffered enough for a paltry million dollar theft of the tribe.

WILL JOHN MACARRO's membership be traded for Jennie Miranda's?  Will the other Miranda's be allowed back  in?    

STAY TUNED.................
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