Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pechanga Documents Prove Mark Macarro Lied on Hunters Not Belonging. NO EVIDENCE OF MACARROS on Pechanga Census

Many of our readers have seen the video of Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians Chairman Mark Macarro claiming that Hunters came out when "they might have something".SEE: KNBC’s Without A Tribe

Well, here's a bit of proof, via Pechanga's OWN paperwork that shows that we've had a presence for over 120 years.

This is a document from Pechanga Chairman at the time (prior to his imprisonment for child molestation) Vince Ibanez to the BIA.   This is a census that shows people living on the reservation and it's clearly marked WHO is an Indian and who is not.   Our family, the HUNTERS are represented by the Madariaga's and the Judkins (line items 29-34) representing 8% of the Native American population of the reservation. Our numbers have grown since then as permanent members of the reservation.

As a reminder to "CORNY" Mark Macarro, where the F**K are you, or your father, or grandfather.  Oh, yeah, they SOLD their land on the reservation, they cared so much.  Ours is STILL in our hands, 120 years later.

CONSPICUOUS by their ABSENCE is ...wait for it.... ANY MACARRO family!  WTF?!?  Mark, have YOU NO SHAME?    Victor Rocha, where are YOUR family members?   WE were there before YOU, you lying pieces of shit.  And hey, there's no representation of the RUSSELL MURPHY family either?  
Yet, the Hunters who lived on the reservation when there was NOTHING, gets disenrolled?

Looks like Macarro should be apologizing, and making sure that the membership rolls are corrected and as the tribe wanted, Hunters to be in their rightful place in the tribe.

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