Thursday, February 26, 2015

State Absorbs Costs After Chukchansi Casino Failure; Corruption As It's Done Due to Tribal Disernollments

Remember when TRIBES promised casino gaming would be a boon for all Native's in California?  The darker side is that the STATE is left holding the bag when the corruption shuts down the casino.  IS THAT the reason they turn a blind eye to the civil and human rights violations in Casino Indian Country?

Workers who lost their jobs when Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino was shut down last October due to an armed takeover will be beneficiaries of a $500,000 grant from the California Employment Development Department.    GREAT FOR THEM, not so good for the taxpayers of CA.

     The EDD is providing the Madera County Workforce Investment Board with the grant to assist workers who were laid off after the casino was forced to shut down due to violence by one of three feuding tribal factions.

     One of the factions executed a takeover of the casino in Coarsegold - 40 miles northeast of Fresno - using firearms and Tasers on Oct. 9, 2014. More than 15 people were arrested after the takeover and are awaiting trial.

     The casino was shut down by order of the California Attorney General Kamala Harris' Office and the National Indian Gaming Commission, causing enormous losses in profits.

     "The sudden closure of this important local business severely impacted more than 1,000 people who are suddenly without work, and many others whose jobs were dependent on the casino," said EDD Director Patrick W. Henning, Jr.
     Approximately 600 of the workers who lost their jobs are residents of Madera County.

     The $500,000 grant will "provide needed employment resources, such as retraining, resume-writing classes, interview preparation, and job search services that will help them secure new jobs as quickly as possible," Henning said.    THIS IS SOMETHING CHUKCHANSI should be paying for, or should REPAY the citizens of CALIFORNIA.


White Buffalo said...

I am glad that the state is looking out for the interest of the workers. It is not their fault the tribe's leader's corruption, greed, and inability govern effectively created the environment for the casino to be closed. The point I want to make clear is the CA government should make the tribe pay for the cost of this retraining. Eventually the tribe will have to work out the problem and the casino will open. The state has every right to impose this cost on the tribe, for the tribe was not able to sustain the agreement within the compact they made. I am sure this will end up in court, but the tribe is the one who did not honor the compact agreement.

Anonymous said...

The government should force the tribe to continue paying their employees

Anonymous said...

What part did the NIGC, National Indian Gatekeepers of Corruption, do in helping prevent this from happening? Everything, by their undertaking of doing nothing. As former card cheat George Joseph said in a recent article, of regulation in Indian Gaming, to paraphrase, "it's like the wild west out there."

Anonymous said...

They should bill the criminal Tex McDonald and his goonies who were responsible for the shutdown of the casino and causing these people to lose their jobs. They can work it off in prison when they are assigned to a specific job like making car license plates, or what ever the prison system offers. Tex is going to spend the rest of his worthless life in prison because of a third striker so besides picking up bars of soap for the homies, he'll have a lot of time and pay some of this back. HAHAHA! AHOLE!

nickey said...

Not that I'm on Tex side... But the Chuks inside the casino are just as guilty. The casino would be open today if ALL involved weren't using the "closer of the casino" to hide their serious crimes. The casino was closed on purpose by corrupt tribal members. We still have the corrupt in power. They are doing everything they can to keep it closed. The longer the casino is closed the longer they stay out of jail.

Anonymous said...

Have reggie and his goonies pay everyone with the money he stolen. The government just wanted what was there's. Now thay are going the pay the poor broke Indians a thousand dollars to vote them back. Wow .they are going for another 50 million and they will get it!!

Anonymous said...

they might live in madera county and he may claim rancheria as their home. And they may have a P.O. box at postal annex.But they can't be "Chuk indians" because a true Chuk Indian would not steal from the Chuk Tribe. A real Chuk Indian would not disrespect Chuk Elders.
A real Chuk Leader would not go against Customs & Traditions of the real Indian People of the Tribe. Real Chuk Leader would fight to save the Tribe, not rip it apart and destroy what our ancestors died for.
And last, you say that PRCI has a fake council, and that they have raped their people and that Eric Holder doesn't give a fuck. Well it looks like we have corrupt leaders in PRCI, and worse of all,it seems that the Chuk People don't give a FUCK. I know this first hand because i live in madera county, and i do give a fuck that reggie, nancy, chance, jennifer, morris, dora, nokonis, are doing what they want and hurting our Tribe. watching them go along with each other condoling the stealing, disenrollment and only worrying about themselves is making us sick. people keep saying the membership can only make a change, WRONG who is listens