Tuesday, February 10, 2015

On Sovereignty Issue, Santa Barbara Supervisor Peter Adam Responds

Santa Barbara County Supervisor Peter Adam responds to the overblown accusations that he hates Natives and wants to end sovereignty.  Remember that led to a letter from that blowhard Luis Alejo, who demanded and apology, without a discussion with Adam.

What about tribal sovereignty? Since federal Indian policy, including the existing reservation system, is a creation of Congress, perhaps, as we decide what instructions to provide our lobbyists, we should discuss the ramifications of our current policies.
Maybe we should seek limitation on tribal expansion and privileges? Maybe they should be subject to California’s environmental rules? Maybe there should be a means test? Maybe their business should be subject to income and sales tax?
Maybe, if we had the discussion in open session and had the public — including the tribe — comment on these ideas and others, we’d come to different conclusions.
I want all of the residents of Santa Barbara County to be successful, including the tribe. For the record, I did not suggest removing the existing casino from tax-free reservation status, and I have not made up my mind on this issue. I want to make sure we ask the right questions and have a vigorous debate before we do anything, particularly when instructing lobbyists what they should work toward on our behalf.

Read the rest of his response: Sovereignty and The Legislative Platform  


Anonymous said...

Something needs to be done about the tribal leaders that run amok over the general membership like a Somali warlord. Apparently, such leadership has lost or never had their mindset in tune with the infinite, they only know how to provide lip-service to their respective cultural beliefs.

Reinstatement_Restitution said...

Something needs to be done, but it needs to be done by the tribal members and not by a bigot like Peter Adams. His comments read like a guide for Indian haters. He says:

"If they are not limited in any way, they will...own large portions of their entire aboriginal claim, which is a triangle from Morro Bay to Malibu to Bakersfield. That will require the taxpayers of Santa Barbara County...to raise taxes on the remaining portions to pick up the slack."

He is speaking in favor of limiting the rights of tribes because he is afraid that they will buy back all the land that was stolen from them. They might even buy some beachfront property, and that should be reserved as a playground for the citizens. Indians should be herded onto reservations in god-forsaken places where upstanding voters don't have to see them.

And if Indians put land in trust this means white people will have to pay higher taxes because Indians are exempt from property tax on trust lands. Why should Indians get this kind of favoritism? No matter that the land was theirs before the beginning of history. Who cares that their ancestors were enslaved, abused, and treated as sub-humans?

In his racist mind he believes that..."Because of the lucrative gambling monopoly they have been given...they are operating a veritable money-printing press, with significant tax exemptions, available to no other groups."

How dare Indians invest their assets in a regulated business and generate income! Who do they think they are?

Adams wants..."limitation on tribal expansion and privileges...[and] they should be subject to California’s environmental rules...[and] their business should be subject to income and sales tax..."

Who cares that they already pay personal income tax, and taxes based on their State Compact? It's not enough. Squeeze them for all that you can because the owners of wineries, the hoteliers, and wealthy retirees that make Santa Barbara one of the richest districts in the state shouldn't have to bear any higher tax burden.

Politicians like Adams like to threaten their constituents with higher taxes, and the Chumash Indians make an easy target because they are such a small minority. Literally only 150 members or so on a reservation that is only about 130 acres.

Yes, they have a lucrative business, but it is only one business among thousands in the area. Also the tribe has no other means of generating income, and without it they would probably be back on the welfare rolls. Then the state would get no cut, there would be no ancillary income from casino customers who want to take a break from gambling and see the sights. There wouldn't be the hundreds of jobs, and the other spending the tribal members do with their share of the revenue.

It is a discriminatory position clearly intended to offend the tribe and the hard won gains they made through their operation of tribal gaming. Shame on Peter Adams!

White Buffalo said...

It is a double edged sward. We are hated when we show enterprise and become sucessefull, and we ar subject to internal strife within the tribe in the form of disenrollment and other limmiting actions done in the name of soveigntry. What is most shamefull is our own brohters and sisters have learned these lessons well. These lessons that hurt the future of our culture.

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