Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Seminole Nation of Oklahoma APARTHEID: Votes to EXCLUDE BLACK Freedmen Tribal Members from Per Capita Distribution

Marilyn Vann, Freedmen advocate from the Cherokee reports that the Seminole nation council votes to exclude Black Seminole Indian Freedmen tribal members from receiving one time $600 per cap

From the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma

On Saturday, January 31, 2015, the General Council of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma approved Tribal Resolution 2015-06 which directs the Office of Special Trustee to disburse
settlement proceeds ($12,500,000) held in Trust account number JA7061693 to all Seminoles
by blood born on or prior to May 6, 2013 in the amount of $600 each.

Enactment of TR 2015-06 is just the first step in the process for distribution of the payments
authorized therein. The distribution process will involve a series of steps, the first and foremost
of which is the determination of a final list of persons eligible to receive the $600 payment. The
amount of time it will take to prepare the final list of eligible recipients is uncertain due in part
to the authorizing language of TR 2015-06. For that reason, the timeframe within which
recipients will begin receiving payments is undetermined. Updates on the payment distribution
will be posted on the Seminole Nation website as they become available.

In the interim, we encourage members to provide the Tribal Enrollment Office (405-257-7244
or 405-257-7242) with their most current address and contact information using the attached
update form. While information is being gathered for the payment eligibility list, telephone
updates will no longer be accepted.



marilyn said...

Seems like there is never justice for freedmen tribal members unless there is pressure from the federal government. Need supporters of the Freedmen Indians to call and write letters to congress showing your disgust for this apartheid treatment. Down with discrimination and disenrollment in Indian country. WAdo! Mvto ! Yakoke ! Aho! Thank you !

OPechanga said...

The cause seems like a good on for the NAACP to get involved in. What has been there response to these issues?

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